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I just cannot comprehend that ANYONE would inject babies with these dangerous genetic toxins for a disease they WERE NEVER AT RISK FOR!

Mass insanity is the only conclusion I can reach.

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Too many people worldwide simply cannot accept that the Evil Elite WEF and Cabal are Deliberately Carrying Out Genocide to De-Stabilise the Planet and Install Their Totalitarian Police State.

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I believe they are just trying to kill/hurt people to make them subservient and lline their and pharmacies pockets.

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It is Extremely Difficult to awaken people as to what is really happening.

1) From childhood we are told to accept everything we see on the News or are taught in School.

Without Questioning.

Without Considering if it makes Sense, or perhaps a different explanation is more likely.

2) My favourite author is Mark Twain.

One of his most famous sayings was something along the lines of :

“It is easier to Fool Someone than Convince Them that they have been Fooled”.

3) Despite any Solid Evidence shown to them, Most of my own friends/relatives still say they will only believe it if the BBC News investigates it and confirms it.

*** Most people are just too deeply brainwashed from birth to think logically for themselve. ***

This last sentence is true for most high-IQ people too.

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Agreed! I’ve given up trying to awaken people. They get so defensive. Lost quite a few “friends” over COvid sham, masks, PCR bs and climate change!

❤️ #2 above. So true!

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I can only say don’t try too hard to persuade people. Especially dear friends or relations. They will simply think you’re loopy.

— If you end up with too many people around you thinking this same way about you, it will become ever more difficult for you to lead a ‘normal’ life.

Terrible pain for myself to realise I’ve failed many times. Even close friends/relatives in the medical profession are too brainwashed.

I know some who are pregnant and can only pray the birth and child are not adversely affected by the Toxic mRNA Injections.


For probably 95% of people, whatever you say, they will :

1) Wonder why it has not already been investigated and reported on the News, so not believe you

2) Simply Not Believe the Govt would Deliberately Kill It’s Own People.

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Yes, I see this too. I recently transcribed this video of a teacher trying to talk to a NY state senator in 2021 about the mandates and it really haunts me. The senator strikes me as a total KA glugging kook, but clearly the senator thinks the teacher (and such persons as myself) are the ones who are nuts. I only wonder how many booster injections that senator has had by now, and how many times he's caught covid. Safe and effective, yeah, sell me a bridge across the Indian Ocean. But even if the jabs were safe and effective, how ugly that an elected official responds to a constituent with such utter disrespect.

NY State senator John Liu doesn’t care about thousands of NYC teachers who lost their jobs

911 Jedi, June 30, 2022


[hat tip: https://nooneyouknow.substack.com/p/the-problem-with-censorship-by-omission ]

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: This was filmed by Chris in a public park.


CHRIS: Senator Liu, hi how you doing?


CHRIS: My name's Chris.

JOHN LIU: Chris?

CHRIS: I have a question for you.

JOHN LIU: Yeah, what's happening?

CHRIS: Um, so you are the chairperson of the Senate Committee on New York City Education.


CHRIS: Is that correct? OK.

JOHN LIU: Yes. And I'm also a member of the Education Committee itself.

CHRIS: Fantastic.

JOHN LIU: The education committee gets, it's like really bogged down with issues in Watertown and—

CHRIS: Hmm hmmm.

JOHN LIU: — Buffalo.


JOHN LIU: Rochester.

CHRIS: Here we are in New York City, we're in Queens right now. So my question is, so far 965 New York City teachers have been fired for not getting the vaccine.


CHRIS: And on September 6 that number's going to go up by probably a couple of thousand because—


CHRIS: — people signed up for the leave without pay options. So how do you feel about the fact that thousands of New York City teachers are, have have lost and will lose their jobs for not getting the vaccine?

JOHN LIU: Just get the vaccine.

CHRIS: Just get the vaccine?

JOHN LIU: Just get the vaccine. [stepping back, away from Chris]

CHRIS: You don't believe that people have the right to—

JOHN LIU [coming close, shaking fist, shouting into the camera]: Just get the vaccine! Get vaxed and boosted! [turns his back and starts to walk away]

CHRIS: So the vaccine doesn't work because Eric Adams* got covid, President Biden got covid—

JOHN LIU: Listen.

CHRIS: They've all been double vaxed and—

JOHN LIU: Listen, get the vax and do do do us all a favor, tell your colleagues to get vaccinated.


JOHN LIU: That's important. [turns his back again and continues walking away]

CHRIS: — people don't have the right to do what they want with their own body? So I've got you on record saying that, in the land of the free people don't have the right to do that.

JOHN LIU: Sir, you can, you can spout out as much nonsense as you want.

CHRIS: That's not nonsense.

JOHN LIU: Absolutely.

CHRIS: That's not nonsense. The vaccines—

JOHN LIU: The Center for Disease Control, the Department of Health, they all say get vaxed.

CHRIS: And the FDA approved it, the FDA also approved oxycontin for kids.

JOHN LIU: [addressing white-haired man, who appears standing to the right]: Are you vaccinated, sir?


JOHN LIU [addressing white haired man]: Thank you very much. Thank you because everybody has the right to do—

CHRIS: The FDA approved oxycontin for children.

JOHN LIU: — what they want with their body but they do not have a right to infect everybody else. [to white-haired man]: Thank you very much. [turns back to Chris and continues walking away]

WHITE-HAIRED MAN [to John Liu]: [inaudible]

CHRIS: And people who got the vaccine are infecting other people.

WHITE-HAIRED MAN [addressing John Liu]: Um, I wanted to ask you, um—

CHRIS: I got you on the record.

JOHN LIU [waving at camera]: Thank you!

CHRIS: Got you on the record.

JOHN LIU [smiling and waving at Chris's camera] Thank you! Hello everyone!

CHRIS: People do not have, according to Senator Liu, people do not have the right—

JOHN LIU [still waving at camera, but turning away, to the white-haired man]: Thank you.

CHRIS: — to do what they want with their own bodies. OK.

WHITE-HAIRED MAN [looking at Chris' camera] Alright. [turning his back then, and beginning conversation with John Liu]

CHRIS: OK, they must get an experimental vaccine.

WHITE-HAIRED MAN [addressing John Liu]: Alright, so anyway [inaudible]

CHRIS: Run away. A typical politician running away.

WHITE-HAIRED MAN: [inaudible]

JOHN LIU [to white-haired man]: Yeah, yeah, of course I remember—



#   #   #


New York State Senator John Liu:


*Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City, was already double-vaxxed and boosted when he fell sick and tested positive for covid. See: https://edition.cnn.com/2022/04/10/us/mayor-eric-adams-covid-19-positive/index.html

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If something is frightening enough, even as an idea or possibility, it will be blocked out by any except exceptional individuals.

They are also, of course, historically illiterate: nothing is more common in history than governments either eliminating or otherwise oppressing their subjects when deemed expedient.

The 20th c alone gave us some notable examples, to say the least!

But these people do not study history and most probably do not read anything at all except propaganda. Never will so great a price have been paid for complacent stupidity and lack of culture.

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Agreed! I’ve given up trying to awaken people. They get so defensive.

❤️ number 2 above! It’s so true.

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Mark Twain for the Win. I love him, his humor is that of my antecedents that were born in the same region. I would also add Mencken and especially Ambrose Bierce. Bret Harte a bit lighter in touch, but even he had points to make.

Can you tell? I love me some classic American Satirists of the past century or so.

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We have similar taste in humour !

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I would love to go on grand tour in europe just to troll the guides with "is he dead?" routine (really! trolls don't need no internet) but I fear I have too much reverence for the subject matter to even think of such things in the prescence of that kind of art.

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When we stand up for what is right rather than what is simply sanctioned by the elites, we also epitomize the truth of another great quote by Twain--my own personal favorite: “Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest.”

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100% ... Well put...

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Lining the pockets of Big Pharma is certainly a big plus for the owners of those corporations.

However that is only one side of their evil activities.

To understand more fully which set of criminals have been ruling the world for the past few centuries and continue to do so, I would advise reading at Globalresearch.ca

This Criminal Cabal have control of the Mainstream Media ( MSM ).

*** The MSM is the Greatest Weapon Against Humanity ***

This Criminal Cabal includes the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Gates and many other Bilderbergers.

As well as the MSM, the Cabal control most Govts and their Central Banks.

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Yes! It’s a sin that this has gone on for so long! I believe it started to go really south after JFK, although as college students we weren’t aware of all this!

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There are some Huge Incredible Crimes that People simply do Not About.

eg, Most people do Not Know 3 Towers Collapsed on 9/11.

Also, the 5000 top US Architects and Engineers Disagree with The US Govt Inquiry into 9/11 :

— Steel Towers do not collapse due to simple fires

— All 3 Towers were Controlled Demolitions, to make them collapse perfectly vertically

— No Airplane wreckage or black flight recorder boxes were ever found in the Tower Wreckage.

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If it’s still available, watch Loose Change on tablet or computer. A good book explaining this

catastrophe is The Second Pearl Harbor. When it happened, DJT said it was demolition. Once you see it, it’s impossible not to keep searching and learning!

The Warren Commission about JFK’s death was pure bs, even to me as a 20 year old. Took years, but I finally got my answers. The Kennedy Killings if the videos are still available.

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My dear buddy, a hiker and permaculture enthusiast was, in his former life, an engineer for boeing. One day I saw some of his mail, one of the pieces was from the Architect and Engineers Inquiry into 9/11 group. My respect for him grew even greater that day

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In the towers wreckage I heard some claim

was the audit trail of DODs lost trillions.

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Comment deleted
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That opinion understates the problem.

The Davos crowd are drink with the power of money, they do not care one iota how many they kill in order to meet their objectives.

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It's easier to convince people that their spouses are cheating on them than to convince them that their government is corrupt. This is mostly due to the West becoming a secular society where the State has been replacing God as the ultimate authority. People have a tendency to believe that the ultimate authority is benign, otherwise their worldview is pushed towards becoming distopian and psychotic. If the current sheeples were forced to accept the reality of their situation, we would see alcoholism, drug use, and suicides spike. Imagine being an intelligent cow and one day realizing that you are only being raised to be slaughtered and eaten.

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You are so right.

I have friends of many different faiths. I think I could persuade one of them to change to a different faith more easily than accept their government is corrupt.

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Yes, and this only proves the rise of the State and the decline of religion. People historically have chosen to fight, emigrate, overthrow governments, and even die for their faith. Today such people are considered fanatics and lunatics by society at large. Strong religious communities are now being labeled "Dangerous Right Wing Religious Zelots" - just another name for Enemies of the State.

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why ?

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Because they’re EVIL.

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I agree they are Evil.

They must be psychotic as I don’t think they would agree with us, despite all the evidence.

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I agree, they are psychotic and deeply empty. It's not about money or even power. I think it's about filling a void that can never be filled. I think they have all had defective mothering and are totally lacking human empathy and human connectedness. They want to eat us all. And when they are finished eating us they will eat each other. They are also pathological liars, meaning reality for them is whatever they want it to be in the moment. Guess I'm describing psychopaths. Someone close to me is a pathological liar. It took me many years to understand this. People who haven't experienced this first-hand would have a hard time believing it.

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If you believe in God there is a Satan too. Satan hates all humans and manipulates those he can use. Like gates and Fauci. They are willing participants.

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People like thst can never have enough, they'll always demand more of everything.

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People are starting to discover how this Evil Elite have been unfairly controlling the Masses like

The People will not stand for it once enough of them realise.

Read at www.globalresearch.ca

It will take some time to understand more fully what has been happening.

— So this Ruling Elite want to to not only retain their power, but put in place a Full Totalitarian Police State. They call this their “Great Reset”.

— So that they will Never Ever Be Challenged by an ordinary human (Slave) ever again.

As part of this Great Reset, they plan MASS GENOCIDE to reduce World Population by 95%.

Only they as Rulers will decide what happens.

The Masses Lose All Freedom.

No Free Speech.

No Democracy.

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They are not "elite" they are DIPs (demons in power). But I do agree they are evil.

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You are Right.

DIP is a much better description of them.

Far more accurate !

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because it is about energy resources, not enough left or too expensive to retrieve. Easier to remove the competition for those and rake in big profits now.

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They believe they are ‘saving the planet’.

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For their exclusive use. flitting around the world in their private jets.

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psychopathology to kill

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The snakeoil spiel is based upon selling a belief that these injections provide bulletproof protection from some deadly disease. How dare you question the science!

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I swear it happens with the turn of every Century. Snake oil is exactly what I call it, no matter what it is or who is selling it. The exploitation of people scrambling to impress at all cost.

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These people are completely brain washed (mentally, politically, culturally, financially) in the belief in vaccines over the natural immunity of humanity' and this brain washing also sadly complies totally against the biggest disconnect of all. . . that newborns are precious and perfectly made with just what they need to protect them as they develop.

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Exactly right, the cultish mentality of mystification and a trance like state. People are in a trance.

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Not insanity, Katherine. Evil.

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It certainly looks that way, doesn't it?

Although I always say, "never underestimate incompetence!" It's stunning how often something that looks shockingly evil to an intelligent person, (because they can see the consequences, clearly!) is actually being caused by sheer stupidity!

Of course the "plotters" and "string pullers" are fully cognizant of their actions.

But their ideas are being carried out by a huge army of individuals, the vast majority of whom have no bloody idea about the overall plan...

"Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars," is an interesting booklet. It may be real. And truly I do believe we in WW lll.

But also know it could just be the Sociopaths idea to gain control over the whole planet.

Our "Leaders" are often criminally insane. We need to realize this and learn not to consolidate power. It's overwhelmingly attractive to Psychopaths, Narcissists and Sociopaths.

And we are mostly blind to their presence among us, pulling all the levers!

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Mass is the key word.

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Comment deleted
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Never, ever, ever give up hope! The wisest woman I know says, "If it's not good, it's not the end!" Because the end will be good. I believe that is true Faith. God does have good things in store for us. So, it's not the end, yet.

: ))

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I was a laborist / hospitalist at a hospital for the last 4 years ... Igor , as God is my witness, it’s all true . Also, who jabs a pregnant woman without proper clinical trials??? Every ob/ gyn doctor who approved that their patients be jabbed violated the 4 pillars of medical ethics and should answer for it . The ACOG should also be made accountable.

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There's an even more important question: what pregnant woman in her right mind allows herself to be jabbed with an unproven mRNA "vaccine"? It takes two sides to be oppressed.

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The sheer pressure by doctors and big P repeating the lies until the woman succumbed.

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Pregnant women are extremely vulnerable people, as are new mothers. It's so easy for the doctors to say 'you might be responsible for killing your baby if you don't get this injection'. So easy.

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Maybe my wife is made of sterner stuff: she told them to F off.

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So true Steghorn21

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There is NOTHING redeeming about these jabs! Nothing!

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100% Correct.

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A cousin’s family member delivered her firstborn in January. She was Covid vaxxed during pregnancy though I do not know which vaccine was given to her. Her son was born without an anus… “imperforate anus” and only ONE kidney. The second “kidney” was pea-sized and sat atop the other kidney. Tell me this wasn’t from the vaccine and I’d never believe it. The kid had to have an urgent colostomy the day after birth. He’ll have to have a complete reconstruction of his lower GI tract. He faces a life of potential fecal incontinence. This all makes me so angry and yet, I can’t say anything because I am “an anti-vaxxer.” Uh huh. For a reason.

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So sorry for this innocent child.

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Thank you, Janet. Me, too. It’s just heartbreaking, everything that is going on. I just learned of yet another person in my neighborhood with fast onset cancer, this time, leukemia. Another neighbor only 41 with four tumors in one breast and a clear mammogram only last year… then a carpenter we know, who is 40 just got diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer. And this doesn’t even count the stroke of another acquaintance, or the lymphoma and the leukemia of two other old friends who died in 2021 eight to ten months after their jabs. Just unbelievable what’s going on. I hope you are well and your family’s health is fine. Is this all accelerating? It seems like it is. And still the CDC pushes these poisons…

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Shocking. I have read so many post like this.

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So sad and so dam horrifying

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The C-19 mRNA vaccine hurts everyone in some way. No one is exempt. Imagine developing and orchestrating something like that.

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Well, as the great lady Dr. Tess Lawrie has said, “I don’t know how you sleep at night” in regards to the utter arrogance and contempt some people seem to hold for others, mainly, most of humanity. I don’t know how these “developers” sleep at night. But it seems, they appear to sleep quite well…

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The failure of Doctors is complete. Pregnant women, women of childbearing age and young girls should be THE LAST to receive any new drug, and only after years of safe use on the rest of the population.

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Praying for the millions of jabbed 20 something’s who plan to have babies in the future.

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That's the whole point of the operation IMO. Sterilization of a large % of the herd. The rest being culling, disease (some by injection), euthanasia, abortion, and pushing the (sterile mostly) gay and trans agenda.

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Sad but I agree.

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Fortunately some parents didn’t let their late teens and young adults get jabbed.

Between trying to keep our kids straight and healthy we have quite the battle nowadays!

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I had heard about this. However, my nephew is jabbed and his wife is not. they still had a healthy baby last month.

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They are indeed lucky.Hope they don't vaccinate the baby

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Holy moly.

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Just think of the money they plan to make off of IVF. Sick fxcks

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What a time to be alive.

Comparing the relative harms of highly novel and experimental products injected into the most vulnerable populations under state-powered psychological duress (including pregnant women and babies), often mandated, for a 99.7% survival rate illness detected only by excessive, false-positive non-diagnostic PCR thresholds which most were at zero risk of and “died from” mostly in hospital settings (involving ventilators, Remdesevir, neglect, isolation, pneumonia), inflicted by captured nations and health authorities worldwide in lockstep, at the behest of shadowy criminal institutions supported by global mainstream media coordinating the gaslighting and coverups...

Where is the fury? Where are the pitchforks? The law suits? The iatrogenesis and crimes against humanity trials?

We are all whistling past the graveyard, and our apathy is paving the way for it all to happen to us again.

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I'll probably get a lot of pushback on this, but I have just as much anger for the gross stupidity of the fools who got the jab. Their complete docility and refusal to make basic enquiries helped destroy not only their health but our freedom. Screw them all!

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No pushback. Many share your anger.

It is honest. It is justifiable.

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You have to ask: when are people going to wake up? Will they ever wake up? Or maybe it doesn't matter, because all it takes is a determined 20% to effect change.

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“What a time to be alive” indeed! I just finished watching this (what’s next). It’s now being announced in the UK (3 years).

Please watch/listen. Only 16 minutes.


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Well said! Also, perfect image/avatar. 🔥

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And this is okay with the rest of humanity?

These babies had zero threat from the Covid virus yet someone who obviously has no children decided it would be alright to stick a needle into a defenceless infant.... this is the worst thing you could ever do to make money.. I am disgusted beyond the edge of time and space... and I would like to live long enough to see everyone who pushed to get this done for profit ... lose everything they own.. and then their liberty and life... lowlife scum.

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Watching the medical and public health community push these injection on women during pregnancy before they were even tested in pregnancy was absolutely horrifying. Why would anyone ever want to go to a doctor again or trust a public health agency. Could there be any other explanation than genocide? I can’t think of one. You aren’t even supposed to take a sip of alcohol or eat too much salmon while pregnant! But go ahead and take a genetic injection? Or we will fire you? This is the height of insanity.

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Comment deleted
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Fortunately for me and my family, I didn’t trust them before the pandemic. I feel sorry for those who had to learn the hard way.

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Those of us who had already encountered gross incompetence in the medical profession were at an advantage in this.

I had also observed how idiotic their prescriptions could be, and how ignorant or complacent they often are regarding side-effects.

Talking about doctors as 'heroes' and nurses as 'angels' for so many years has softened the brains of the public.

They are a very mixed bag, and the majority have little or no vocation as far as I have seen.

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I always say doctors and nurses are not gods. They are the same assholes that live next to you.

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Been saying it for two years. Everyone laughed at me

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Jul 15, 2023·edited Jul 16, 2023

#metoo, taught nursing pharmacology at a major researching University, was censored and ultimately forcibly retired for saying these products had not been tested in pregnancy, lactation, and child-bearing. Of course, said University took 58 million to implement "mitigations" so they would not lose other Federal funding streams. Methinks the powers that be wanted the nurse-midwife to be quiet.

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Thank you, Jan, for doing everything you could to speak the truth in your former position. ❤️🙏🏻 I have no doubt you made a difference - betting someone at some point thought about what you were saying & then acted on your forthrightness to the benefit of someone else - even if they didnt thank you at the time and perhaps still haven’t thanked you.

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I remember and respect each time colleagues have given valuable messages like this, and I have passed these messages on. You surely made a difference.

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Jul 15, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Question : Can the people start a class action with a cival case against Bill Gates personally? He's doing more damage than any human I've seen.

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Jul 15, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Never before in my adult life have I known anyone with issues during pregnancy, and I'm 43. I now know 2 people personally...1 had a 37 week still born and another had an early loss at 16 weeks. I heard of another still birth in our small town but don't know them personally. All happened in fully vaxxed women. And while I'm listing off wierd things, the number of appendicitis and sepsis cases I know personally is also high. Previous to the rollout I knew 0.

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I’m amazed that people still speak of that criminally barbaric unproven act as if it EVER had any beneficial effects.

The effects of ALL vaccines is that they maim and kill.

I’ve said this so many times already and I’ll say it again...and again:

When will people do historical research and find out that anytime you inject anything into your body, you’re on a highway to hell.

NEVER in the history of mankind has injecting poisons into your body given you better health.

Quite the opposite. They’ve ALL maimed and killed. Read and learn the history of this barbaric act:

The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations https://a.co/d/cfvx9Q6

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History https://a.co/d/coVuit4

- George William Winterburn, PhD, MD, The Value of Vaccination: A Non-partisan Review of Its History and Results, 1886

- History and Pathology of Vaccination, Edgar R. Crookshank, 1889

- Charles Creighton, Jenner and Vaccination. A Strange Chapter of Medical History, 1889



There are many others, those are just a few.

Finding the truth isn’t that hard

But you do have to get off your ass and turn off the tube and read.

We’ve known for well over 150+ years the concept of vaccination is a fraud concept.

And the criminals that pose as our elected officials are in on the take and are raking in millions, and will NEVER stop the madness that is called vaccination.

And neither will doctors who are being PAID handsomely for jabbing and lying to their trusting patients.

If you’ve been jabbed then your death will be influenced by and/or directly caused by said jab.

People should quit thinking it’s coincidence. That’s propaganda talk.

And yet the populace of today (being dumbed down by design) have their heads buried in the sand and believe the corrupt media’s story of blaming these deaths on everything else under the sun except the obvious. What a pity.

And those “doctors” who are shilling for the medical cartel, the pharmafia and allopathic medicine should hang their heads in shame.

They know the truth, but have sold their soul to the company because their payment on their yacht, McMansion, and Jag is due.

Pitiful. Sickening, pathetic and pitiful.

And to those in the media, you drug pushing pieces of corporate shit: I hope you have a great answer come your judgment day.

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I believe they will pay for all their evil! Yes research everything, it’s quite simple

Critical thinking has been lost

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I was completely ignorant (which is no excuse) to the poison contents of vaccines my whole life--until the last 3 yrs.

I never got yearly flu and pneumococcal pneumonia shots or shingles vaccines because I felt like I was not at risk. I never stopped to think about what poisonous ingredients may be in them.

Never thought twice about the many vaccines my 2 children received. Makes me sick when I think about it. Sadly I didn't research or question vaccines until the mind games and obscene push to vaccinate during covid.

I read Kevin McKernan's reports where he genetically tested vials of moderna, pfizer, and j&j. He mentions finding strong SV40 mammalian expression promoters in the mRNA gene therapy vials: "Finding a “SV40 72bp indel” suggests that gene expression capability of the plasmid is enhanced i.e. it has greater capability to produce (express) protein or other gene product. mRNA would be one such product."

I imagine having SV40 expression promoters or vectors would not be a good thing.

Very Slow Thinking (substack writer) explains some of Kevin's work pretty well in this article:


And one of Kevin McKernan's articles:


Here's some disturbing things I found on SV40:

"A monkey virus linked to human cancers may have contaminated the oral polio vaccine for years after the U.S. government ordered manufacturers to remove it, according to drug company documents obtained by The Chronicle.

The Chronicle reported last week that the simian virus SV40 had contaminated early polio vaccine given to millions of Americans. When health officials discovered in 1961 that SV40 caused malignant tumors in lab animals, they ordered the virus eliminated from all future vaccine.

But internal memos from Lederle Laboratories, the chief producer of polio vaccine in the United States, indicate SV40 may not have been completely removed.

According to one memo, SV40 was found in three of 15 lots of the oral vaccine seven months after the federal directive was issued in March 1961. Lederle released the contaminated vaccine to the public anyway, the memo shows.

The documents also suggest that the company failed to test the monkey-kidney seed strains used to make the bulk polio vaccine for contamination, despite a written warning from Dr. Albert Sabin, who developed the oral vaccine. Lederle and the U.S. government insist there is no evidence that any contaminated vaccine was distributed after the directive went into effect.

Scientists discovered SV40 in the Salk polio vaccine in 1960. By then as many as 30 million Americans had been given injections of the SV40-tainted polio vaccine, which was first licensed in 1955.

In recent years more than 60 scientific studies have found SV40 in rare human brain, bone and lung-related cancers, the same kinds of tumors the virus caused in laboratory animals. Some scientists believe SV40 may play a role in causing those cancers.

One of the biggest mysteries, however, is why SV40 has been found in tumors removed from people who never received the contaminated Salk vaccine. Researchers have several theories for how the virus could have spread from those infected through the Salk vaccine: in transmission from mother to fetus or through breast milk; through sexual activity or a flu-like virus.

But the Lederle documents, which were obtained by Philadelphia attorney Stanley Kops in litigation not related to SV40, raise the possibility the virus might have been transmitted by contaminated oral vaccine, licensed for production in 1962.

The documents include:

A November 1961 memo saying the virus was found in three of 15 lots of vaccine. According to the memo, Dr. Roderick Murray, head of the government's program to ensure vaccine purity, allowed the lots to be released. To comply with the removal order, Lederle had switched from rhesus monkeys, which are natural hosts for SV40, to African green monkeys, supposedly free from SV40. However, the memo notes that SV40 was found in 10 percent of the green monkeys.

A letter from Sabin to Lederle in October 1962, warning that sufficient testing for SV40 contamination had not been done on one of his strains of weakened polio virus that formed the seed for bulk vaccine production."





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Jul 15, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Thalidomide. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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This false summary based on purposefully misreading the data will get repeated adnauseum by the MSM like the AP. Then Kevin McKernan will write a paper completely obliterating this faulty conclusion, which will get ignored. I don’t know how to get past this except to keep pushing the truth on substack and Twitter and wherever else you can.

MSM right now has RFK, Jr pegged as an anti-vaxxer and German MSM has Biden as having perfect cognitive function.

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I think this story you post just glosses over a calm surface but is not scratching the sea of actual depopulation that the bioweapon poses.

The Harma Harmacide scamdemic continues, as does the depopulation and destruction of Womanity. Although some states or schools no longer require the death shots by mandate, and many have wised up, many more are suffering or have collapsed and died, apparently.

So what to do?

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