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Is the problem that there is a new strain that evades the vaccines? Or is that the vaccine immunity loses potency with time? You think it's the former. I tend to believe it is the latter. Time will tell.

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But the short answer to your title question is yes, they have a future. So does the stock, which is temporarily affected by current news but is more affected by long term prospects. Initial success, and anticipation of that success, boosted the stock. Failure of the current version will suppress it a little, but government obsession to try again will simple increase their future sales. Their marvelous technology can produce new versions quickly. MRNA is a definite buy.

And keep in mind they're not covid companies, or even vaccine companies. They're genetics companies with a broad stable of therapies for many illnesses already being developed. They're not perfect yet, but they're learning. Enhanced humans, both genetically and mechanically, are our inevitable future. Killing viruses is early innings of a long game.

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The media-gov establishment doesn't want to admit these things are not vaccines. At best they are immunotherapy like regeneron which offers some immunity but wanes after a couple of months. There is no lasting memory and no mounted antibody/cellular response when the body is exposed to the virus after the initial antibody rush has waned.

If they admit it, not only would Moderna stock collapse, the entire market would collapse with trillions of market cap wiped out.

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<< ".. single-protein mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, that worked great against the original virus..">>

No, they didn't work at all. The placebo originated less deaths.

The 95% 'effectiveness' (read: the pharma companies concerned, controlling, cooking & reading their own trial outcomes) is a relative percentage, and as such, it has no scientific nor practical medical value at all.

Translated in to a REAL absolute percentage, (of people kept out of I.C. units in hospitals), it becomes 0.01 % effectiveness (a BONUS for 1 in a 10,000 jabs), with a 'MALUS' of 0.03% SUDDEN DEATHS (3 in a 10,000), within 24 hours (weekly rolling daily average).

Saving 1 person from I.C. sends 3 into the morgue, on the spot..

(Not taking into account all OTHER kinds of adverse effects, nor long- or mid-term mortality.)



1.) RRR (relative) risk reduction versus ARR (absolute risk reduction) : Pfizer/Bio(N)Tech intermediate phase III report dd. December 12, 2020, demand for attribution of EUA (emergency use authorization), sent to FDA (US) & EMA (Europe).

2.) Sudden deaths after (Pfizer) "single-protein mRNA CoViD-19 vaccine" jabs : "Our World in Data" (Oxford University, England), comparing the daily number of "CoViD-19 vaccine jabs" (weekly rolling daily average), to "CoViD-19 deaths" (weekly rolling daily average) in ISRAEL.


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