This is timely. Just yesterday I heard of three former colleagues. Two had cancer a few years ago, but it was successfully treated. In one case, she is now terminal. With the other, it is back. A third was just dx with cancer. All 50s. All (no doubt) vaxxed as where we worked it was required, unless willing to test 3x per week. Yet another just lost her husband to cancer. Three of the four in the same office (staff of about 40). This seems excessive.

Meanwhile, our tenant who had seizures/strokes 2 and 4 weeks past his first dose last year, was finally back to work. After a month or so, he developed swelling of his lower limbs, a rash and what looked like (to my non-medical eyes) necrotic tissue. He then couldn't stand. He was in hospital and had surgery for an intestinal infection (part of his stomach was removed). He didn't improve and was airlifted to a larger hospital. He is now in organ failure and on a vent. The doctors don't know what is wrong. He is 50s.

I know as we get older we know more people with health issues, but the past 1 1/2 years seems excessive to me. The above are on top of:

Stroke/brain aneurism approx. 5-6 weeks post 2nd dose - 50s

Heart attack day 8 (pain started day 3-4) after shot 1 - early 60s

Tachycardia - two cases, both requiring hospitalization, both double jabbed - 70s

One of above required heart surgery last month - 70s

Heart attack/other abdominal surgery - approx. one month post shot 1 - 70s

Abdominal aneurism - 10 months post shot 2 (possible booster in between) - 60s

Swollen lower limbs/arm - etiology unknown - post booster by a few days - 60s

One unexpected deaths in our extended circle of friends fall 2021 - no cause given or vaxx status known, but on balance of probabilities, vaxxed - late 50s

One sudden death in extended family - age 29 - no cause or vaxx status known

Other lesser symptoms noted:

70s - vertigo/headaches - she never had them before - 4 shots

60s - migraines - hadn't had one in years - 2 shots for sure, maybe 3

60s - tinnitus and rash - after shot one - resolved months later - abstained from further shots

Am I just noticing more now? I honestly don't know.

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"People are Dying and Nobody Cares"

This is a deep philosophical question.

I met Ken and his wife at a fruit and veg store recently.

They are tripled-jabbed and masked in the store. So are their three children - 23, 20, teen. They took two each.

We chatted whilst his wife went to do her things.

Ken is your typical media-informed majority.

I contradicted everything he said with reasons and facts, causing him to pause and think since he could feel that I was well-informed. No, he did not ask me to share my information or sources.

Me: What is this, all masked up? You have vaccinated?

Wife: For double protection.

Me: ???

Ken: I am taking the vaccines in order to protect my mother, who is 85 yo.

Me: 85? Let her go!

Ken was appalled!

Ken: I don't want her to go.

Me: She will go one day anyway.

Ken was appalled with my blase attitude again!

Ken: I want her to go naturally.

After getting slammed by me with facts and reasons too often, Ken cut to the chase:

Ken: If I passed it to her and killed her, I would feel uncomfortable for the rest of my life.

Me: If you are so concerned about infecting her, don't visit her! She will understand.

Me: What if something had happened to you because of the vaccine?

*****Ken: That was my decision. I would live with that.*****

Me: How would she feel knowing you took it to protect her?

Ken was silent.

Me: You are a parent yourself. How would you feel if your children took something risky in order to protect you?

Ken was silent again!

Ken: Ok. The vaccines do not prevent infection and transmission. [As you can see, he contradicted himself. Proving he lied to me about his reason or he hid his true reasons from me.] But, they reduce the severity,

Me: Can you prove that claim?

Ken: There was some study....

Me: Did you know that pfizer, moderna and AZ never claimed their vaccines reduce severity? Since the makers did not make such a claim, why would any one else make it? That lie about 95% was about prevention.

Ken was silent again!

Me: Why would they need to force people to take something if they can prove it is safe, effective, and necessary?

Ken was silent again!

Ken: How about you?

Me: If they say take the vaccine or take a bullet; I would say "give me a bullet!". (I said it three times to ensure he understood me!)

Me: Have the covid deaths been verified? Most covid deaths were deaths "with" covid; not "by" covid.

Ken was silent!

Me: Did you know that the average age of covid death is higher than the average life expectancy?

Ken was silent!

Ken: Have you personally seen anyone die from the vaccines?

Me: My sister attended three funerals: 52; 72; 69 year olds.

Ken: But, have you personally seen anyone die from the vaccines?

Me: Have you personally seen anyone die from covid?

Ken was stunned into silence!

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Keep up the amazing work Igor, you are a shining light in a dark, dark world

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as the ethical skeptic said, if it was due to delayed cancer screenings, we would see similar increases across ALL cancers. but we don't. some are exploding while others are not. in addition, as dr. malone and others (incl the ethical skeptic) have pointed out, we are seeing increases in what were once very rare types of cancers

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I want to agree and say we have time to figure this out. But I am no longer as convinced we have the luxury of time.

Mitochondrial mutagenesis. Essentially aging at the cellular level, or this is made to look like aging from an autopsy perspective. Except it's way more aggressive and way more all over the show inside your body. Thus a wide array of symptoms develop. And why it is very very difficult to detect or prove it was induced by a spike protein unless looked at very closely. Which is not happening.

I no longer think this is a mistake.

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Perhaps never a more appropriate moment for the classic quote below. Add eugenic psychopathy & the learned indifference from the bureaucracy, the relentless propaganda funded by the former group & we have ourselves a good 'ole democide. My personal twist is a helping of contempt for the collaborators & removal of them from my life.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

― Upton Sinclair

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I just want *every single person* that supported forcing other people to take this poison to be boosted every month until they die.

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I once talked to an oncologist and his exact words were, "If we looked at every cell in every body on Earth, we would find a cancerous cell in all of them."

But our immune systems seek out those cells and destroy them before they can become a problem. It isn't until the body can no longer seek them out and destroy them at the rate they are reproduced that someone "gets cancer". And frequently the delay between the cancer developing and it being diagnosed is what determines the outcome.

I've know people who "died in a couple of months" from cancer, but that was only a couple months after it was diagnosed. The fact is they likely had detectable cancer long before diagnosis but were just not screened before the symptoms if it made its presence known. The number of cancers discovered "before it is too late" wouldn't significantly change during a period of limited access to healthcare because most healthcare has a limited ability to detect those cancers before symptoms happen.

And they now want you to believe that hospitals were locked up and everyone went home and that is far from the truth. If you needed care for illness or injury, you got it. You couldn't get rhinoplasty for a while but when has rhinoplasty been a procedure that detected undiscovered cancers?

They are continuing to lie and wondering why no one believes them, someone should remind them about the little boy who cried wolf.

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Hi Igor. Great analysis as usual. In my opinion all governments have known for some time that the jabs are the main of cause of a lot of the horror that took place. The giveaway is the pretense that they are "puzzled" by all the increase in the excess mortality. Has there been any attempt to really look into the matter? No. The FDA is on record that they did not attempt to gather follow up data on the people jabbed. Given the EUA, that should have been done automatically. Moreover, the FDA showed no interest in starting to collect such data when challenged. They have done this other jabs but not the Covid ones. Why is that? Because they do not want to collect the data that would confirm the magnitude of the man made disaster.

Anyone saying that the missed cancer and health screenings, the shutdown of the medical facilities are the main reason why this is happening is missing the point. Yes, they definitely did have an impact but in my opinion it would not be across all age groups with a substantial degree of consistency. Moreover, the heavily jabbed places are getting hit whereas places where they did not get jabbed, have less problems with worse health systems in place. The point is that the jabs were rushed and comprehensively FAILED ALL aspects of testing, testing which by the way was both fraudulent and biased. They could not get the stupidly biased results to show what they wanted. Let that sink in! Moreover, the spike protein approach was insane to start with (what could go wrong by choosing to produce a toxin, right?). The people who have designed this are not stupid and they had plenty of evidence that MRNA tech simply did not work. If anyone reads about the wonder of lipid nanoparticles, the only conclusion is that you would have to be insane to even try the damned tech for medical purposes. Its specification sheet is choker block full of warnings of how toxic it is but somehow it was used to jab billions. If one uses Occam's razor, the conclusion is pretty obvious. However, it would take a lot of people admitting that they were conned and that is not happening soon.

The priority now, for those behind this disaster, is all about finding a way to avoid responsibility. Check the test narratives put in place in the media. It started with gardening and snow shoveling that apparently, all of a sudden, were supposed to be massive killers. The latest attempts have been hot rooms at night and sleeping positions (though the car braking one from the Daily Mail takes the cake - don't they have any shame?). They have been trying very hard to see which BS explanation is most palatable to the hoi polloi but it looks like none of the amazing explanations seem to be convincing enough people. I also note that they try to tie it all with the "climate emergency" which it would normally be hilarious but given the current situation, it is anything but funny.

I suspect that the ongoing campaign to avoid responsibility for the horror will continue but at some point in time, the truth will be accepted. I just pray that the long term effects are not as bad as I think they are. The jabs were an massive immunosuppressant which when combined with the likelihood that the spike protein being produced for the lifespan of a jabbed person, will not end well. Hopefully effective treatments for the jabbed can be developed because if that does not happen, the world will be a very sad place in the coming decades.

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I want to push back somewhat on the idea that delayed screenings and treatments for cancer are not a major cause of cancer deaths. This paper -- not fringe, it was published in The Lancet -- found that there were 260,000 excess deaths due to cancer because of the 2008-9 financial crisis: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27236345/ . [Edited: This was among OECD nations, around 1.4 billion people or thereabouts, but relatively small % affected.] This was mostly in countries without universal health care, but in 2020 we closed most health care to the entire developed world.

In other words, we knew, in 2020, that the public health response was going to kill millions of people due to excess cancer mortality. At least, I knew this, simply because I had an interest in the public health effects of the mortgage crisis; I am no one special. At the end of the year the statistics predictably showed that cancer diagnoses were down hugely, across all developed countries save Sweden.

This is not to say I don't think the vaccines are involved. My best friend's boyfriend, 2x vaxxed and in his late 40s, has throat cancer that is so rapidly progressing he went from diagnosis to needing a feeding tube in a week. I believe in the vaccine / immune suppression hypothesis also. But what I'm highlighting is the *known* killing of people through shutdown of the medical system to protect from a "surge" of cases that never, in 98-99% of cities and towns, ever actually happened.

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Starting to look like a great many who were given COVID injections may be facing a real world nightmare scenario. I wish there was something that could be done to protect them but, as far as I know, little to no effort is being made to find ways to treat the damage done by these injections. I feel awful for them, particularly those who were forced and children who weren't protected from this injection lunacy by those who they depended on for protection.

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The HIV GP-120 insert neutralizes T-cells.

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"...that spike protein production from mRNA transfections never stops and continues indefinitely..."

Wait, what? You mean the vaxx could potentially alter the recipient's DNA so that the body makes the spike forever? Nah, there must have been longterm studies showing that couldn't happen, right??? No??? What were the FDA doing?

And now we see why ALL of the Public Health idiots are gaslighting the excess mortality and the vaxx injured, they know what is happening and they are trying to make the problems go away.

The next 6 months is going to be very interesting; possible midterm elections, possible covid variant infection surge, possible power outages, possible economic meltdowns, possible mandates for new bivalent vaxx.

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My brother has been jabbed three times and has had COVID symptoms on and off multiple times.

He's a very fit and healthy man (he had a job for the last 12 years that required him to walk anything up to 12 miles a day and lives a very healthy lifestyle

My son in law is 40 years old. He got thrombosis in his right leg, swelled up and went bright red, after the third jab (within 2 weeks). He's a very fit man. Well, he was before this happened.

He was a regular 10km road race runner (2 x monthly) and completed 2 marathons a year. He is a football referee and refs several matches a week. Well, again, he USED to.

Now after the thrombosis he can neither run nor referee and his life expectancy just got cut by several years at least. Could be decades if he has a stroke or heart attack.

I did argue with my family about the implications but they were COERCED into taking the jabs by their employers. Personally, I would be suing them.

I'm so angry I can't even begin to know what to do.

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Ceaușescu Knows WHY:


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Saw the neighbor walking down the street with a cast, crutches and an eye patch. Got 3 types of cancer post vaccination. He blames the vaccine, mid 50’s.

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