Any lab leak would have to be "accidental."

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Good call- that’s a rabbit hole, for sure.

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Why did they want to vaccinate the whole planet?

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Igor nails it in this article about how the press all acted as one to fall in line......and the NIH couldn't do that........

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Referenced this post in my latest, "My Covid/Vax Disaster Lexicon." https://pomocon.substack.com/p/my-covidvax-disaster-lexicon

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NO. Just no. Please stop contributing to the Pandemic of Semantics. Virus, Bioweapon, mRNA, lab leak. All are suspect terms used to spin a tale that is pretty much the exact opposite of reality. There is no virus. No SARS, no HIV, no flu, Zika, etc. Viruses don't exist. How do I know? Because they dont exist. If you have in your possession an isolated purified virus then I and others will give you millions of dollars. Nobody in 100 years has produced any such thing and as such, one of the most certain scientific conclusions that can exist in the world is that viruses don't exist. If there are no viruses the there are no 'bioweapons'. Without the junk theory of viruses to underpin it their existence is not possible. A Bioweapon is an external pathogen or contagion. Contagion has also never been proven in 100 years. Did all the people who worked in the same place and got mesothelioma give it to each other? Is that what those TV lawyers are arguing? Of course not, people got it by being exposed to toxic industrial chemicals, and that's why you get sick too. But if we admit that, then lots of people are suddenly facing a lot of lawsuits. So YOU accept the virus lie to YOUR detriment and THEIR benefit. And what about mRNA? Do you even know what it is? What proof do you have that it is what they say it is? What proof do you have that it does what they say it does? What independent verification do you have that the thing I in the shots is actually mRNA that actually does only what they say it does? None exists and all the 'verifiers' are on the take from the people doing this. Likewise when you inject someone with poison, that is not a Bioweapon, that is poisoning. The injection we give death row inmates is not a Bioweapon it is poison. This poison is the only thing they were ever trying to make. It didn't 'leak' from a lab, it was developed there on purpose. They completely fabricated the virus story just to get you to take it. You have to see and know this at some level. You've seen the shenanigans and number games and testing games and backpedaling. That was the plan and it's dead simple. Make up a virus to get you to take a poison shot. With the benefit of time and hindsight you should see this with crystal clarity amidst all the other noise. The whole fairy tale of viruses, Bioweapons, lab leaks, mRNA etc etc is just window dressing. Stop losing the plot to these nonsensical sideshow stories and just come to terms with the core thing that happened:. They lied about a virus to get you to take a poison shot. Many who took the poison shot died,.as was the plan. Period. You cannot save or improve the situation until you accept the reality of what it is. So please stop polluting the truth with TV headline soundbites. The truth is shocking and appalling enough.

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Andrew Huff PhD EcoHealth VP wrote a book about this. Let’s remember they were also doing everything to get rid of Trump, and still are. Sinking the economy provided cover for installing Old Corrupt Joe. It really seems like a grand joke. Realty becomes absurd. Would Hitler have done it, Stalin, FDR???

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“ It would be impossible to “vaccinate the world” if the world knew that the developers and funders of the virus were the same people who developed the vaccine against it.”

My view from the start was that it was man made, the authorities knew it and where desperate to cover it up but as a failsafe they had prepared a vaccine which they then went on to deploy after some fettling to make sure it worked against the strain involved from wuhan.

I had assumed the scared faces on out to every night was because they absolutely knew full well what they had done and what we were facing. In the UK the NHS resisted assistance from the army but government overruled them and set up field hospitals anyway, again my view being they knew more than what was in the public domain.

So I took my AstraZeneca shots with a view that they had prior knowledge of the virus and this was hugely likely to be successful despite the perceived short development which I had speculated had been ongoing for years before.

In hind sight I would have not had any jabs, but I knew AstraZeneca wasn’t the novel mRNA jabs and assumed it was tried and tested denatured virus. Information on what they where giving us was scant & with everything painting a positive picture coupled with it being monumentally stupid to think world governments, regulatory agencies and other global peaceful agencies like the UN/who etc would knowingly inflict harm then on balance it seemed a sensible option especially when we have a young child and elderly relatives in proximity.

Taking the vax wasn’t something I did without thought or consideration, they deliberately stacked the cards heavily in its favour and made it hard to logically oppose.

My view is that the majority of those who didn’t take the vaccine where either lucky or obstinate. Very few knew it wasn’t a good thing because all the published data at that point was heavily in its favour.

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The 5th edition of Virus Mania co-authored by Dr. Sam Bailey is now available.

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Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey dispute the existence of viruses. They likewise dispute the infectiousness of any disease, arguing there is no evidence anybody "catches" a disease from anybody else. I wonder what they have to say about the lab-leak theory.

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Bill Gates freaked out when Epstein was arrested; had him whacked; Melinda divorced him then the plans swung into high gear.

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Hang them all High!

As prolific Substack writer Dr. Paul Alexander writes : There are at least 27 Apocalypse Riders of the Horse of Death and counting (reference to the book of Revelation) and they MUST all be brought to public justice!

And if they escape from the justice of us as grossly wronged humans, then they will all fall into the hands of the Living God, the Divine Warrior King and Judge : Christ - about to Return! HalleluYah!


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I like to describe pandemic as "revenge of the nerds", and had often said before pandemic that we never leave high school, and those same experiences that had caused Kathleen Turner's character in Peggy Sue Got Married to say, "I always hated high school," continue to play out for years after.

The Fauci's in high school were the guys in the chess club, and the people who believe there was a cover up were football heroes and fans cheering games the nerds missed doing homework.

The nerds know that viruses are the most abundant biological particles in the world, and, regardless of the Nobel Prize winner quote at the beginning of the movie, Outbreak, just the basic math of only 219 viruses harmful to mankind, and less than 20 highly contagious diseases, makes the thought of pandemic remote.

Day one of the alarm in China about an emerging public health threat, on December 31, 2019, with no evidence of person to person transmission or even one fatality which would not occur until January 10, 2020, there were only a total of 27 reported cases in China, in a city with over 11 million people, the 42nd largest city in the world, the seventh largest in China and the largest city in the central mainland, with most cases associated with a venue the size of nine American football fields, the description given by the Wall Street Journal near the end of January 2020, almost as a test to see if anyone could put these facts together and calculate. And yet, on January 1, 2020, the WHO received the message and stood up the IST, essentially a panic the entire world response for what would only still be only 41 cases by January 14, 2020, but nobody noticed, and the band played on.

Even the WHO 40 page report offered two alternative routes in case the world was clever enough to stop the train rolling out the station, and buried on page 35 it says in plain English, for anyone not able to interpret the significant clinical findings after 1,800 teams of at least five epidemiologists had examined 19 times more cases than had yet been reported in the entire United States by mid-March 2020, "it is not clear whether this correlates with the presence of an infectious virus." Hidden in open view.

Ironically in that 40-page, double message report, the WHO said there were guidelines to protect the elderly in nursing homes, who had been identified as the most vulnerable and on March 21, 2020, I informed the Alexandria mayor and City Council who immediately closed my complaint. On March 27, 2020, I delivered an entire intelligence estimate to Senator Mark Warner on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and he decided his reelection was far more important, gathering over 33,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot even though he needed only 10,000, and only then decided to to ceremoniously suspend all person to person contact in his campaign.


In that 40-page report, in recommendations to other nations, they had advised to educate the general public, and evolutionary pressure of a lethal pandemic did not prompt a majority to do so.

Remember eugenicists believe the strong survive and the weak perish and this was a live experiment that validated their beliefs.

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A little water clears us of this deed.

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As you say, there is a Plan to inject billions of people.

Everything ( the "countermeasures" ) was done in function of that nefarious purpose.

Perhaps the virtual Sars-covid2 was not the reincarnation of Prince Philip, but the poisonous injection was in line with his ideals.

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