Why is it so hard to confiscate those companies, strip them from their mandates, licenses, authorities etc. Arrest them and send them to Alaska and Siberia. They have no mercie on us why should we have mercie on them? Honestly be consequent!

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Pfizer introduces a killer new drug called "HeadOff" for headaches:


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True, deactivated . It’s like iodine and iodide. I keep having to explain over and over the difference and we only consume iodide and our body converts it to molecular iodine and atomic iodine

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Yes, all nations should sue pfizer... and the grasping philanthropath backers of this destructive agenda.

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Nov 28, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023

Wait. Is Poland the ONLY one who was awake enough to refuse the vaccines?! Strength in numbers if more than one "country" takes on this multi-billion USD thief. Sorry, and murderers.

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I'm not an international lawyer either.

But my best guess is that whether Pfizer will lose or not, will depend on who owns that court in Brussels, and will have very little to do with actual law.

Because everything about the Pfizer contracts was a sham, as far as i can see, designed only to strip away the rights of the countries and the people that somebody - the cabal, the globalists, whoever is running this operation - wanted to inject.

Whether it was simply about profit, or about control, or democide, or population control... I can't say. But it was crazy beyond anything that any of us up to March 2020 would ever have dreamed of in our worst dystopian fantasies.

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Degradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein

of SARS-CoV-2 - this is from NIH - it does protect and kills COVID

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Pfizer is in big financial trouble, claiming that the COVID vaccine has bankrupted the company and they are considering filing for bankruptcy. I suspect this lawsuit is a legal maneuver to help with there bankruptcy filing and to float some of there debt in court.

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No argument from me, it’s the world over

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Invite Bourla to Poland. “Come pick up the money yourself!” He would be honored with the 1st Annual Amon Göth Award. A special ceremony would follow.

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Talking to people every day, introducing IoNovo pure molecular iodine to the consumer market. I train nutritionists as well as NDs and MDs on the importance of iodine as a daily micronutrient. Best cold and flu product in the last 100 years. Only iodine safe for children and has been repurposed by doctors. You are right about Canada, but the Canadians are done with the shots. Just going by data and the hundreds I speak to in a month. Trudeau is only in power because of Singh. He will lose to conservatives in next election because “Canadians” won’t tolerate his dictatorship any longer. You cannot vaccinate for viruses in general because they mutate and by the time we are vaccinated for a strain it will have changed. Besides, vaccines don’t kill viruses, your immune system does that!

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Hanging would be too good for the leaders of Pfizer and Moderna, among others. Examinations of their documents on their trials show clear evidence of fraud, which the immunity provided by the U.S. Congress would not cover. Now, take the billions of $ from them to pay for damages to citizens worldwide. Then, go after the hospital administrators who killed so many with their ventilators and Remdesivir poison, which they knew would produce those exact results. Then on to the medical boards who disciplined doctors for actually prescribing proper treatments for the covid scam, including the heads of medical journals who lied and went after honest and caring doctors. As for the corrupt politicians, unfortunately, they are protected as elites and only the occasional non-fraudulent election can rid us of them.

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Surely, even with the ridiculous NO LIABILITY Clause, Pfizer have no case because the Safe and EFFECTIVE claim was, in fact, exactly opposite = Pfizer's POISON is UNSAFE and INEFFECTIVE.

No open discussion within the UK government regarding the World Health Organisation TREATY as our WEF (and big Pharma) controlled politicians want the draconian edict to be voted in.

Just remember, next time you read or hear stats regarding 'Vaccine' Safety and Efficacy, just remember the Pfizer, Moderna, (et al) injection makers slogan; "There's no profit in healthy people"!

They are desperate to make more of us sick and for a longer duration in order to sell more depopulating products, with ZERO LIABILITY!.

These injections degrades our natural immunity and is demonstrated because, all those that believed the Covid Jab was authentic, now catch Covid far more than us unjabbed = FACT!

This DEADLY injection farce has become so deadly and rife, we now mist assume that EVERY JAB is now laced with mRNA poisons that will Genetically Modify those foolish enough to continue to accept the lies about Safety & Efficacy!

The Pharmaceutical industry is now so mercenary and CORRUPT we must assume that NO INJECTION IS SAFE from mRNA (Gene Editing) modification of all of us.

Take any jab now and it might Genetically Modify you! 'Informed Consent' will never be obtained! They don't want you to know the world is being depopulated by the CULL that never gets a mention!

Profit is vax makers priority - That's why the crap is DEADLY and useless at dealing with Covid! Just as well the Fauci enhanced virus was not as DEADLY as he had planned!

Vax makers motto = There's no profit in HEALTHY PEOPLE so how can we make them ill and for longer? NO LIABILITY is paramount in the Vax industry! Otherwise they'll all be BANKRUPTED!

'Mr Vax' = Bill Gates is helping alleviate Climate Change by destroying forests in South America. He's uprooting everything GREEN , then burying all the trees! Does anyone disagree that this lunatic should be locked up?

The WHO is CORRUPTED with Bill Gates's wealth, he now controls their agenda! He wants total control of our lives with mandated INJECTIONS, the destruction of FREE SPEECH and the removal of every Nation's Sovereignty.

The WHO is now Corrupted and dangerous. From this day the WHO is terminated and ceases to exist!

It seems you're not welcome to talk publicly anywhere unless you 'SELL' the DEADLY INJECTIONS and the Covid FEAR PORN!

Don't even think about mentioning 'IVERMECTIN' or 'Excess Deaths' (caused by Big Pharma's useless injections), or 'ZERO LIABILITY' for those who make the POISONS they pretend are 'VACCINES'!

Don't talk about 'Gain of Function' being an experimental process originally used to create bio-weapons by the US military. The experiments were then continued by Big Pharma for profit, and to maximise the DEADLY impact of Viruses upon humans. This justifies highly profitable but useless PRETEND 'CURES' called Covid Vax and other profit making depopulating injections, for which they accept NO LIABILITY!!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots since 2020.

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I applaud the Polish government! Could you image the Trudeau government here in Canada taking such a stand? Not in million years!

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Agree that Poland should sue Pfizer for lying about safety data and for producing a vaccine that neither prevented covid, not stopped transmission

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