With a fifty year background of analysis in these issues, in the northern regions where Aborigines speak little English and they communicate in one of their several ancient local languages, I thought I fully understood what was going on. It was not until after the referendum wherein, thankfully, 60% of the nation said No to the 'Voice' proposal, that I discovered precisely who was the architact of this globalist ploy; none other than the President of the Australian Zionist Federation, Paul Leibler. A readers sent me a photo of Liebler, Marcia Langton, Noel Pearson, and the rest of the nefarious plotters of the globalst project.

I imagine this saga must seem confusing to people not from Australia, so here is a brief breakdown of who is involved and why.

At the risk of being simplistic, the Aboriginal population can be seen as three groups. The first group, who lives exclusively in the Northern Territory and Kimberly region of Western Australia, are predominently black, practice a 24,000 year culture and languages, are cacooned in their tribal way of life, and with an outlook on the wider world that could be articulated in a twelve page comic book.

In 235 years, they have been forced to negotiate their survival in a foreign language, English, confronting concepts that are as alien to them today as they were sixty years ago when they first commenced interacting with the wider community. Closer to towns, this history is longer but the communication gap is uniformaly the same. Government has refused to heed experts urging them to require liaison personnel to learn Aboriginal languages, even though this rejected advice goes back to 1936.

The second group are those people whose ancestors adopted western culture a century or more ago, preferring to abandon the hard life of hunter-gathering, These are people who possess no Aboriginal culture or language but instead adopted the black power rhetoric fed to them by US media and pop movies. Currently, they pretend to express Aboriginal culture by dancing around stages, burning gum leaves and making noises on yidaki (didgeridoos). As every minute element of traditional dance and music has very specific meaning, reflecting and amplifying Songlines (sung history) and Law, the tribal people observe this behaviour with confusion and consternation. But it is these cavorting frauds who called for the Voice and Treaty, their every gutteral yelp latched on to by gullible old ladies and unworldly university students and lecturers.

A third group consists of people who claim some vague genetic connection to Aborigines, or at least to somebody coloured from somewhere or anywhere. Their claims would be laughed at anywhere else in the world. The latter two groups make up 80% of the Australian official Aboriginal makeup.

Why does this matter?

The traditional people are dying at a horrific rate, from causal factors that range from medical intervention, medical refusal to prevent scabies, malnutrition, food toxicity, and lack of comprehension of hygiene. The overarching cause is zero communication between government and Aborigines. It all comes down to one word: Genocide. The two non-tribal groups dominate all Aboriginal /public media narrative and their greed and loudness prevents the genocide being even considered. Tribal people are quiet speakers and cannot be heard over the din.

The speaker in the video, David Cole, has grasped a point the rest of us missed. This has been a practice run. Aborigines were the guinea pigs.

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I've come across an interesting thing. Did you know there are two Communist Parties in Australia? One is the reformed original after becoming the Socialist Party, SPA in 1971 for many years while the original party floundered, then dissolved itself eventually in 1989 and formed the New Left Party briefly, meant to appeal to a broad left but it too was abandoned in 1991. The SPA retook the name Communist Party of Australia, CPA, in 1996. It always considered itself a hard line Marxist, Leninist, Moscow line party.

In 2019 a new party formed by disaffected CPA members, because they thought it wasn't doing enough on the street for the workers, and it was named Australian Communist Party. No, it's not a Monty Python, Life of Brian skit. "Splitters!" From what I can gather they have been out and about a lot, serving meals for example, while the CPA languishes for motivation.

Okay, history lesson over.

The CPA, supports the Voice while the ACP does not! Hmm?

Quoting at length from the ACP web site, Albanese said; “We will not kick the can down the road. We will not abandon substance for symbolism, or retreat to platitudes at the expense of progress.”

"We (ACP) say ironic, as the Voice has repeatedly been highlighted to be devoid of substance and chock full of symbolism. It has been shown to be a retreat from materially addressing the needs of First Nations peoples and communities so that progressive platitudes and gestures can be made. It is kicking the can of decolonisation down the road, and prioritising assimilation into the colonial state rather than addressing the contradictions of the colonial system."

Further down; "... representatives of big business and capital who were present, pushing the substandard Voice to suit their own interests. Included was Business Council president Tim Reed, Telstra chief executive Vicki Brady, Rio Tinto chief executive Kellie Parker, Woodside boss Meg O’Neill and Cape York leader Noel Pearson to name a few." and "actively utilising their funds, resources and influence to attack, silence and undermine militant First Nations movements to protect their own financial and personal interests."

And "Further, it will always seek to dilute and dismiss the demands of militant voices that threaten the power of the capitalist system through alternative, declawed institutions that are beholden to the colonial state."

I'd recommend reading the entire document as it makes some very good and strong points:


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Why do they use the "Indigenous" claim? It's quite simple a guilt trip argument. Its all your fault andf then next reparations will be demanded by the modern moralists.

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Good day from BC Canada thank you for your work!! No one is mentioning the change in the words the global governments are using with this scam involving the natives. I have a contract with a band in bc and have noticed the wording of the two words aboriginal (which used to mean first nation human born on the land in Canada) as opposed to indigenous which applies to ANYONE born on the land in their country of birth. In a variety of documents viewed I am seeing indigenous replace the word aboriginal and I believe it is being done on purpose so down the road they scum politicians can legally (with the corrupt maritime legalese system in place; steal even more. I was concerned enough to point it out to band members and told them to bring it to their lawyers attention.

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It’s hard to keep up with what the proper term is so as not to ‘offend’...from Indian to aboriginal to First Nations to Indigenous. No matter what term, if a certain person or people feel they are being stigmatized, eventually any term you use will become ‘racist’ or offensive.

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Excellent expose Igor. I have visited what used to be the wonderful country of Oz and to see what’s happened in these last chaotic years is frightening. Danny Huckabee (in his comment) captured my sentiments exactly. It is hopeful that there are people willing to search out and expose the truth…..

We’re lucky to have you…and everyone willing to join in the debate in the comments. (very enlightening)

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The Prime Minister admitted that he had not read the full 26 pages., which calls for major reparations over genocide and the stolen generation.

This requires a little context. In the Pleisticine Era, a negrito race arrived, apparently some 60,000 years ago. With the Holocene Era, and the Ice Age causing the formation of a land bridge, a new race arrived, the present day Aborigines who, according to mRNA evidence, pretty much wiped out the Negritos, except for a few isolated in Tasmania and the Atherton Tablelands rainforest.

This creates a problem. The Tavistock's Guilt Indusrtry cannot be sustained if one discovers that the group complaining of genocide by whites, has genocided a previous mob. Thus, this history must be hidden and denied.

The matter of stolen generation is misrepresented. Christians stole 2000 mixed race children, believing they needed God. 20% were sexually abused. By comparison, 65,000 English childten also were stolen, by the same Christians, who also sexually abused 20%. And, in fact, government interventions were generally over neglectged children, by parents who now claim their children were stolen. Messy. Neither government nor the vast majority of Australian's were aware of this.

The second problem is that the Aborigines who are actually disadvantaged are in the north, speaking only their own languages and possessing a culture and law that is incompatable with urban white Australia. But the Voice advotcates speak no Aboriginal languages and their culture is mainstream Australian. These are faux Aborignes, two thirds of them indistinguishable from white people. Most are white people but being Aboriginal can be lucrative.

These people have a vested interest in preventing official recognition of Aboriginal languages and Law, an event that must precede reversal of the current genocide. And, yes, there are many opinions about this but I have spent fifty years in the field, live within Aboriginal society. engage the comunity in two of the local languages, and most of my familiy is Aboriginal. This trumps city acadmics and professional Indigenous.

As Aboriginal Senator, Jacinta Price, has pointed out, "the Voice is a Trojan Horse", a weapon that will divide Australia on the basis of race, and close the door forever on genuine Aboriginal aspirations and survival.

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Very few people are aware that displaced and orphaned British children were sent to Australia during WWII. Many ended up in Catholic run institutions where they received scare food or education, suffered other abuses and then, as they got older, sold as labor to businesses. No one race or group escapes the greed of those who live to exploit others. I expect no change in the future.

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True, Nancy. The candidates for the Voice committee don't care about the 65,000 English children, only the supposed 2000 Aboriginal children (this was actually a much smaller figure). That is the problem. These are self-interested and extremely insular people who also don't care what happens to the tribal Aborigines of the North and Centre of Australia. In fact, they see them as an obstacle to their power base because they, the urban fringe and pseudo-academics, have no language or culture of their own, just absurd posturings, such as toddling around public events, burning gum leaves and uttering what they fondly hope are native words and incantations. It's pathetic, but gullible upper-middle class whites and immigrants don't know any better.

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My memory for actual numbers is not great, but I do remember reading the Aboriginal Industry represents some 50 mobs but has only dished out money to several. Is this correct?

How is it that some drive new cars, fly private planes and live well, while others still live a dozen or more to a decrepit house?

Also, Aboriginals are around 3% of the population but have 7% representation in fed parliament. Doesn't sound to me like they need a voice, particularly when they already have some 3,000 organisations representing them and, what was it, 2 billion $s a year?

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Thats a fair comment.

Just a few aspects. The word 'mob' is English and has no meaning in Aboriginal culture. It is used by pseudo-Aborigines so sound black, therby believeing it to be an Aboriginal word. Likwise use of the world 'deadly; which 70s kids everywhere used, People actually believe this is an Aboriginal word, The ignorance is quite mindboggling.

The west has introduced the concept of leaders so that they can control a few, and then manipulate them with bribes.

Only 0.5% of Australians are Aboriginal. The other 3% are white or something else,

And, yes, there are 11 Aborigines in parliament, way more than is needed for parity. A voice is not needed. It's all about a free ride on the guilt train. Bad mistake. The vast majority of whites went along with this uncritically but now they are saying enough is enough. I am guessing the free ride is over. Bludgers will have to get a job, Work or die.

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Igor, totally off topic but since you are a data guy, something that needs clarification. With new waves of covid being reported and foisted again in the US, there could be several ways of understanding this:

A) we are witnessing the 4th wave of a mutating virus that is basically moving into the background

B) the new waves are self-induced by incessant media porn with the purpose to coerce more people to take vaccine boosters. There is no real sickness but fear.

C) the waves of sickness is the immune compromised population reacting in a cycle in-mass to normal viral cold always present

D) the waves of sickness are cycles being created within the vxx'd immune compromised--their bodies are in timed cycles creating their own sickness due to the activity of the incessant spike protein generation.


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My take is there never was COVID, only influenza which is always present and it was trumped up by the shonky PCR test that even FDA admitted they never had an isolate for and merely made it up inside a computer. I have a screen shot of the relevant text I copied from FDA web site that says as much.

Never forget it was Peter Daszek who said in 2015 that quote: “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures, such as a pan Coronavirus vaccine.

A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process,” end quote. 2015 he's already predicting a corona vaccine!

Also we need to ask how it's possible to patent a virus when natural things are un-patentable and more so how did they know to patent a corona virus before we even knew that a SARS2 existed?

"Three days after CDC filed the patent on the SARS Coronavirus in 2003, Sequoia pharmaceuticals, a company that was set up in Maryland, on the 28th of April 2003, filed a patent on antiviral agents..." Hmm?

No, it's easier when we can understand that virus actually means poison and given that so many are exposed to poisons of all kinds whether ingested, inhaled, injected or exposed as in microwave frequencies it becomes easier to comprehend how so many get sick.

Couple that with chronic dehydration, mineral, enzyme, vitamin and amino acid deficiencies, particularly the universal poison antidote vit C and what do we expect?

Yes, much of the population is immune compromised, mostly those with multiple doses of gene altering product.

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We presently have a wave of Covid, and it is not yet very large, and there is no telling how big it will be. However, it is clear that we will have many more waves of Covid, which is not going away, and will remain a fruitful topic for my posts.

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Igor, i think it would be important for the unvxxed to know for themselves and be able to communicate this to those getting sick whether this is a real disease phenomenon or if its just a wave of self-generated illness. If its the latter, its fools errand to even take a covid test as this will further increase the vxx illiness cycle leading to more illness and early death. Would there be a way to test this out...perhaps by comparing the overall health statistics of the vxxed to the unvxxed during these waves?

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These numbers are very difficult to find - if I do I will report

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Important to note that Liberal was the federal government in power 2 years ago, and only the state of NT was headed by a Labour leader, but it is still a justifiable point.

AND just like all the covidians running around demanding random strangers tell them if they have been jabbed, random strangers now demand to know how you are going to vote in the referendum! they harass you on the street when you are walking to work/shops, they come into your work place and harass you, they even knock on our house door on saturday’s and sundays and leave pamphlets in the letter box telling you to vote yes.

this is beyond harassment and intimidation!

and if you ask any questions or raise any legitimate points you are called a racist, a trump-lover and right-wing nazi, it’s disgusting and even more disgusting how many people have bought into it and are ONCE AGAIN bullying and harassing and victimising random citizens who happen to not follow the narrative

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Do not be shy about trying to save your country

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The government is proposing to install 72000 sq kms of towers across our country. How do you think that's going to happen? It is mind blowing to watch the same people fall for the Covid narrative and then get angry at the truth, to then fall prey again. You might also be surprised at the amount of Aboriginal healthcare centres popping up everywhere. I know because I was asked to apply for a job for a couple - excellent pay. Ensuring they have access to vaccines. I also saw a video of a local government that referenced the Voice in its plans to create a smart city....so it's a done deal.

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The Voice is radioactive. It is the Trojan Horse for Treaty and Truth. You can’t have Treaty and Truth without The Voice. The PM obfuscates when he says The Treaty is only that and only one page long. The man is not telling the truth. He knows full well that The Voice is only the first part of the triumvirate. If The Voice gets up then Treaty will follow by which time it will probably be a foregone conclusion. Part of The Treaty, not yet defined but certainly wished for, are reparations. That should finally wake up the Yes voters.

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Please tell us how to vote, Igor. Your opinion is much more nuanced and open than that of our government and our media.

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I cannot do that because I am outside of your amazing country, but I believe or at least hope for a bright future for Australia

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Do you honestly trust your government is working in your best interests after the last 3 years? If not, why would you trust the Voice? How can it not be a trojan horse to seize control or assets? No doubt, they will award assets to aboriginals such as land and that land will be bought up by Blackrock in exchange for blankets and shiny trinkets.

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You're right. We only need to look at who's backing it. E.g.; BHP, big 4 banks, Coles, Woolies, Wesfarmers, Rio Tinto, Bunnings, Roche, Pfizer, Woodside Energy, Deloitte, Origin, AGL, Qantas, Telstra, Bayer, Lendlease and more. Why would these corps back something that would affect their profits adversely? What do they know that we don't?

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Also; I've recently read a perfect metaphor for this new, green BigLeft. Watermelons. Green on the outside, yeah? Red in the middle. And remember that the Staussian neo-cons where Stalinest first, until they $aw the light...

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Kee-rist! I am an illiterate 😔 Corrections: ... "and remember that the Straussian neo cons were Marxist first"... they followed The Money.

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(excellent metaphor!)

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A note on FB from a well known Australian cartoonist… Paul Zanetti

Bring on the travelling circus.

Now on the losing side of history, Albanese's last, desperate act is to trip the switch to vaudeville.

Cue the lights, smoke and mirrors, roll up, roll up.

See the juggling indigenous-identifying buxom blonde triplets, the world's tallest white-skinned aborigine...roll up, roll up.

Behold the gender-fluid, 1/16th aboriginal half man/half woman...roll up, roll up.

And in the centre ring you can hear Johnny Farnham belting out his legacy song 'The Voice' as the tacky soundtrack to a racially divisive TV campaign.

"You're the Voice...try to understand it ...because...well....I can't..."

A song not written by an aboriginal but written by four British colonisers sung by a person of British coloniser roots. Ignore the irony.

If all that doesn't convince you to vote Yes in a vote to destroy the social, economic and racially united fabric of Australia...well what else is there?


No....can't try pesky facts because that would ruin the vibe of the thing.


You mean admitting the voice is the first stage of a Treaty, Reparations, Pay The Rent and Sovereignty?

No....can't do that. The horses might get spooked. Hey...did someone mention horses? Let's cue to Daryl Braithwaite at circus tent 3..."That's the way it's gonna be, little darlin'....We'll be riding on the horses, yeah..."

What a joke this voice thing has become.

No answers.

No substance.

No facts.

No honesty.

No truth telling.

No transparency.

Be prepared for the biggest, most expensive onslaught of propaganda, trickery, emotive TV images, slick Hollywood directors, social media bombardment and the exploitation of songs, entertainers and celebrities telling you, the Australian public how to vote.

When you've got nothing else, dazzle the masses with superficial entertainment.

The circus has come to town.

Just how stupid and shallow does Albanese think you are?

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Favouring one race over another, giving one race more of a say than another, giving positions to people based on their race, are all forms of racism.

This Voice is supposedly going to have only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as representatives. This means Australia will have a purely race-based government organisation influencing the laws for all Australians if the YES vote goes through. This is racism at its finest.

If there is to be an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice, where is the New Zealand Voice in Australia; the British Voice; the Chinese Voice; the Italian Voice; the French Voice; or any other Australian citizen voice for those with other ancestral lineage?

Our national parliament has representatives from all over the nation, each representing their constituents. There are currently 11 Indigenous parlimentarians in Australia- do they not have a voice?

Will this Voice to Parliament render their say irrelevant?

Australia is incredibly diverse, and it would be ignorant for positions of government to be reserved for specific races, sexes, sexualities, ages. Representatives in government should be a position held by whomever is elected by the people they are sworn to speak for.

We are ALL Australian, whether your ancestors were born here 40,000 years ago, 250 years ago, or you've just gained your citizenship 1 year ago. You are an Australian, this is your land & home, and nobody can take that away from you.

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The colonialism narrative is one of the Marxist games to keep us divided.

We are not perfect but let’s be thankful it isn’t China that is our colonial empire leader.

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FFS there is always a China bashing muppet under every rock.

And we are doing so well under Zionists aren't we?

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Lol. Omg.

If you were paying attention …..the china government is making power moves in the world and we should all be leery.

Thanks for outing yourself. Goodbye.

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They have a voice, they also have 3352 aboriginal corporations, 1000 aboriginal agencies, the national indigenous Australian agency with 1300 staff and budget of 4.4 billion dollars ( just been audited and found not fit for purpose). Local councils, state parliament, federal government, 11 representatives in parliament. 33 billion dollars spent annually on aboriginal affairs. We don't need a voice we need a royal commission to investigate why with all of this funding the gap is not closing. Where is this money going. All for just 4% of the population. I’ll be voting a definitive NO .

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$30 billion (really!) ...

Looked it up. 2016 of $30 B only ~18% gets to the indigenous people, the reast appears to be soacked up by bureaucracy! There is the problem that needs fixing first.


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Yes, government funds are always soaked up by bureaucracy. That doesn't make it false.

How about a royal commission into covid spending and covid decisions? Also, Ukraine spending, and the reason for getting involved in the first place.

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Sounds a lot like a money laundering operation.

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Yes indeed 😬

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It’s a two world zone out here. The real outside where you meet face to face and everyone is voting No.

Then the social media world where there are enough yes pushers to annoy.

Their only reason for voting Yes is that the No side are all liars and bigots.

Sound familiar?

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