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Thank you Igor for your dedication in digging into this stuff and getting the word out to the rest of us.

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The Moderna COVID‑19 vaccine, sold under the brand name Spikevax, is a COVID-19 vaccine developed by American company Moderna, the United States National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). Chinese scientists put the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus online on Jan. 11. Over the next two days, the NIH and Moderna used it to plot out a vaccine.

Afeyan remembers getting a key call about the development of the Covid-19 vaccine. “January 21st, my daughter’s birthday.... I got a call from Davos [during The World Economic Forum] from the CEO of Moderna,” he says. Bancel had been approached by a number of public health groups at the conference “urging” him to work on a vaccine. We literally decided overnight...to try and do this,” Afeyan said at MIT. Moderna delivered the first doses of its Covid-19 vaccine to the NIH for testing on Feb. 24, 2020, and “the first Moderna shot went into a volunteer’s arm in Seattle on March 16, 2020,” according to Afeyan.

So then whose idea was it to do the cancer component? NIH? NIAD? BARDA? Moderna on it's lonesome?

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I appreciate all your efforts. You’re doing what I would have referred to in a previous life as “god’s work.” In this particular life, I can’t seem to find him.

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Knowing that the entire Corona Op was planned many ears in advance, none of it is surprising

The Olympics Rituals of 1992/2012 "Predicted" The Corona Operation


We are the Virus they want to eliminate, using all means to justify their End goal - a new order of the ages without Humans made in the image of God

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Could it be that COVID-19 is actually a “breakthrough” infection caused by experiments using aggressively more virulent spike proteins…

…soon we will see the INFECTIOUS Cancers they are creating

Raccoon City here we come…

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Thanks Igor, appreciate it as always.

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I really appreciate your in depth work on this, but especially as this binding group is commonly used it raises the chances that this happened as either A: Chance or B: That there was no malevolent intent on the part of researchers, who thought this would do what, exactly? I think they'd have plausible deniability at any rate. I had a recent experience of chance that was completely unrelated: I checked a memoir I had mostly written years ago for plagiarism. The reason I did this was because I had shared parts of it with a few groups of people over 10 years ago, and I wanted to check to see if what I had written was shared by someone else more widely on the Internet. I got back odd results: most was not out there, but a single sentence "When I was 14 years old my best friend's name was Beth" WAS supposedly plagiarized. This led me to backtrack to a 2014 linked webpage, oddly enough a discussion group about what coincidences had happened in your life that really stood out to you. Among all the posts I found a gal who did indeed use my exact sentence word for word in a long unrelated diatribe of her own. It was total chance. Apparently I wasn't the only once 14 year old who had a best friend named Beth or who found this relevant somehow to something. I am not claiming this is what happened with the Moderna patent, but I need a little more information to convince me it couldn't have happened...like why did they insert that code that way?

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That last paper you referenced (Johnson et al) seems to say that a mutant spike protein minus the PRRAR amino sequence (the FCS and the end product of the Moderna nucleotide sequence) still produced "robust protection" (their words). Need to dig into the paper but the implication is that there was no need to include the sequence in the vax, yet Moderna (and presumably BioNTech) did include it.

Still can't get past the fact that Moderna must have recognized their sequence during vax development and said nothing. On top of that, they could have deleted it but didn't. Really don't like the looks of this.

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I'll admit I haven't done my homework, this may already have been done, or for some reason may not be applicable, or it may just pop out from standard genetic sequencing tools (not my field). But I'm throwing it out there.

I've seen the argument that goes something like: sequence of 19, four possibilities so a 1 in 4^19 possibility of random occurrence, no way it is random. But if matching is to be cited as causal evidence then another question must be asked. What is the probability any sequence of 19 in the virus match a sequence of 19 in the patent. Then it is a variation of matching birthdays in a room of people problem. Described here: https://betterexplained.com/articles/understanding-the-birthday-paradox/ So how long is the patented sequence and how long is the viral sequence.

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I am guessing now

Whether or not the virus bioweapon had the arrogant insertion, the hacksxxxine does have it.

The arrogant insertion means the victims have their genes altered and the Harmaceuticals own their d n a

Since they own us, they can turn us off

Or, program our bodies to turn themselves off

My question about the Arrogant insertion is

1. How we gonna depopulate planet into any improvement? That is sheer arrogance to save it for those who ain't murderered

I mean the Arrogant insertion is intended to kill and it shall

2? How they gonna enslave those of us who survive?

3. Will they just nuke the world now since they failed with hacksxxxines, or is it considered a success that will soon be killing folks apace ?

4. Was the Arrogant insertion intended to sterilize womanity? This appears to be occurring with hacksxxxine

5. The ropeworms growing ....what will the embalmers say about the Arrogant insertion?

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ok here comes a really dumb question

This is all to say there's no shadow of a doubt that this was made in a lab.

However, we are NOT saying that b/c it has HIV fragments and MSH3 fragments that COVID or the vax CAUSE cancer/HIV. Those are just fragments used as the vectors (or whatever you call it). Right?

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A mysterious 19-codon addition to the COVID viral sequence, cannot be found anywhere else in the world's genetic databases -- except in a Moderna patent filed in 2016.

The odds against this happening naturally are one in 3 triliion.

Part of the mystery sequence makes the spike protein more infective to humans.

Lay article


Scientific article


the Modera patent, filed 2016




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Thanks. ok I have newbie questions and apologies if I missed info that may already be posted. Have the odds been calculated of this happening by random chance? How about the odds of any arbitrary string if the same length appearing at any oostion (as the reverse complement)? What is the significance of the length of this string.

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Excellent stuff once again Igor.

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It is the NIH-Davos Industrial Complex that worries me. I recall reading about a Chinese virologist that released the genetic sequence, both of which had a short life span, thanks to Chinese transparency. But for the NIH and Moderna to have put out a safe vaccine between Jan 11,2020

and Feb 24, 2020 requires a strong dose of KoolAid. We are just now starting to see a lot of the

serious side effects of the mRNA vaccines; it really does take at least 5 years (Fauci says 10).

The connection that puzzles me is that Moderna got their code line patent in 2018. How did they

know there was going to be a pandemic? If someone can view the video of Fauci's talk before

the World Economic Forum dated Oct 2019 it shows him recommending "vaccines" to his well-

heeled audience as a great investment, even saying someday there could be a viral pandemic.

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