Dan Andrews and Gladys should be imprisoned. Hope Novak djokovic wins the Australian Open! He is still banned in the US. https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/update-on-novak-djokovic

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I don't know what it's going to take for Australians to wake up. I'm here in Sydney and people are so brainwashed still it's beyond belief.

We're at the point of no return.

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"Buying bread from a man in Brussels

He was six-foot-four and full of muscle

I said, "Do you speak-a my language?"

He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich

And he said"

Do you come from a land down under?

Where the vaccines don't work and hospitals blunder.

Can you see the stats? They're a real wonder.

This is science in the land down under.

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The single dose ones are already on our side, they had issues after the first shot and those that survived will stay clear. The double jabbed - there is a chance, many of them are aware now, too. I don’t think the triple and quadruple jabbed will wake up, even if they secretly have doubts now. Firstly it’s too hard and involves too much responsibility for yourself and your life, and people here have been brainwashed for decades into believing that the nanny state will take care of everything. It is very hard to unlearn the lessons of a lifetime, doubly so if everything in the public space tries to tell you that you shouldn’t. But on top of that, if you wake up now after years of maligning, bullying and downright harassing those that didn’t go along, you might have to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and maybe even draw some consequences. What are the odds of THAT happening more than very rarely?

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As an Aussie who left 15yrs ago but had a holiday there last yr essentially no one cares about covid anymore. Ok the odd hyperventilater but its the insane govt. also most people are vaxxed who are over 16. i think its close to 95% in NSW. the entire immune system of Australia is fucked. Maybe the Deagel 2025 population predictions were real

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Jan 7, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Igor, in a previous article, you asked about health suggestions for Covid. There are so many additional prophylaxis and treatment possibilites but today I would like to let you and your readers know about a new RCT, showing that Ginger is very effective for Covid patients and leads to much faster recovery.

People above 60 had the strongest benefit. Their lenght of hospital stay was reduced by 50% when they received high dose Ginger.

Maybe especially the vaccinated people should learn about this!

"Results: Among all participants, a significant reduction in hospitalization time (the difference between the treatment and control groups was 2.4 d, 95% CI 1.6–3.2) was detected in response to the ginger supplement. This effect was more pronounced in men, participants aged 60 years or older, and participants with pre-existing medical conditions, relative to their counterparts (P-interactions < 0.05 for all)."

Conclusion: Ginger supplement significantly shortened the length of stay of hospitalized individuals with COVID-19."

And extremely important:

"Besides, our subgroup analysis highlighted the importance of ginger supplement to older adults, where the hospitalization time could be shortened to less than half of their un-supplemented comparisons, which could effectively reduce the suffering and pain and improve the life quality of the elderly."

Li Y, Yang D, Gao X, Ju M, Fang H, Yan Z, Qu H, Zhang Y, Xie L, Weng H, Bai C, Song Y, Sun Z, Geng W, Gao X. Ginger supplement significantly reduced length of hospital stay in individuals with COVID-19. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2022 Dec 28;19(1):84.

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Jan 7, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

After having locked horns with my large extended family in Aus, I have little hope. We showed them a LOT of info... data, science, interviews with highly credible doctors and scientists, lack of science, evidence of fraud and corruption, blatant lies, hiding of data, consistently illogical decision making, the changing narrative, conflicts of interest, organised censorship and the gargantuan propaganda campaign even targeting children...... NONE of it sinks in or sets off alarm bells. The website was never official enough, the fact-checks, ad hominum attacks, even the colours used in graphs and people writing with passion (about what is the most important and urgent issue of our lifetimes) was enough to claim it was propaganda from our end. They never once defeated a single argument with facts or good science or real data.

This was the biggest learning for me in the pandemic. We look the same, roughly, and we can all tie our shoelaces in the morning... but we are very different people. Their brains do not work properly. I wish I was exaggerating for comedic effect, but I’m not. The zombies are real, and Aussies seem particularly affected. They are also incapable of admitting they were wrong (they cling to the idea that they are smarter than average). We’re gonna have to learn this one the hard way...

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Jan 7, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

The media in Australia is completely captured and runs only doom and gloom stories about people getting Covid. Despite deaths that even the TGA admits are due to the vaccine not a single MSM outlet has covered them and there has not been a single MSM article on vax injuries. Gotta be seen to be believed.

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Jan 7, 2023·edited Jan 7, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

I'm an Aussie who has lived in Asia for the past 23 years. Unfortunately, I can say that many of my brothers and sisters there are living in denial. When I have sent data strongly indicating that all is not well with the 'vaccine' program, they turn the other way and whistle Dixie. Their critical thinking has been taken offline.

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Jan 7, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Sounds like not enough Australians have been vaccinated yet. Once they reach 100 percent compliance, things should turn around.

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If Aussies are anything like Canadians, I say they won't wake up.

This scenario is ripe to start scapegoating the unvaccinated again.

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I live here (Sydney, NSW). 3 years driving a public bus, including to COVID clinics at the Royal Prince Alfred & Concord Hospital.

0 vaccines received

0 positive tests

0 days off work due to 'COVID' illness

0 s**ts given about the propaganda

0 crowds observed at COVID clinics

The vax is hospitalising/killing them. 'COVID' is just a useful scapegoat.

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Getting back to what happened in Australia, and why...

From 1970 onwards, two countries were particulary targeted by the globalists, Australia and Canada. This is because both nations have most resources necessary to run an independent economy. Thus, they could one day turn their back on free trade and develope barricade industrial economies, which cannot be attacked with punishing trade sanctions. Both countries would be expensive to invade and occupy militarily, so they had to be captured a different way.

Canada was captured during the Diefenbaker regime, handed over to the City of London on a plate. It was lost way back then. And is doubly lost today. Canada cannot be revived.

Australia was being handled by increasingly controlled politicians, beginning with Menzies, and the City of London and Tavistock Institute believed "Mission Accomplished" when Gough Whitlam was elected, he being a graduate of Oxford/London School of Economics and part of the Fabian Socialist agenda.

But Whitlam was no fool and he was a patriot, and he realised that Pine Gap and other US bases were being used against Australian interests. He discovered that the CIA had agents in the country, turning it over to US globalist interests: Doug Anthony (leader of the National Party, Bob Hawke (President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions), Sir Peter Ables (TNT), John Kerr (Governor General), and Sir Arthur Tange (permanent Head of Canberra's Commonwealth Department of Administrative Affairs).

Whitlam was due to release the list of traitors to Parliament on 11 November 1975 and the CIA and MI6 worked together to deliver a coup d'tat. Democratically elected Whitlam was sacked.

The brains behind the coup was Rupert Murdoch, having two years previously become a US citizen and sponsored by ultra-globalist David Rockefeller. From that moment on, truth was 100% repressed and Australians became a nation of brainwashed illiterates whose bodies and brains have been smashed by vaccines, toxic food additives, nutritionless foods, fluoride, rBGH and rBST, GMO foods, sugar, and alcohol.

Free-to-air TV news and entertainment requiring cerebral engagement has been replaced by reality TV and woke indoctrination. Australians are now predominently feminised organic robots who just do as they are told. In the NT, around 20% resist the takeover but in other states the battle has clearly been lost. North Queensland and the Kimberly are still fighting back.

As with other western nations, the globalist-engendered pre-programming of responding to oppression and democide with "non-violent peaceful protest" has led 95% to the point that they will eventually form a procession, singing of the triumph of universal love all the way to the killing fields.

The biggest mistake the Resistance made was not realisng that the media is actually running the entire globalist/mRNA campaign. Rupert Murdoch is its leader but he cunningly defers guilt to Schwab, Gates, Fauci, Bourla, Tedros and other expendible patsys.

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Read an interesting report that pomegranate peel extract helps against vaccine damage.

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Jan 7, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

I have observed that anything to do with Covid or the vax is becoming taboo. I think there is a silent never to be spoken acknowledgment but not really an ‘awakening’...

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Thanks Igor....as an Australian who has followed the bureacratic malfeasance, and the narcisistic arrogance of idiots like " health Hazzard " and the rest of the National Cabinet, the TGA ,the PM and every single moronic underqualified health minister to execute their roles as " useful idiots " of the WEF , the FDA and the US administrative state , I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at these numbers. It was deliberate , and so many have been harmed, it's hard to immagine how they could have done anything more despotic than being party to the fraudulent " plandemic" and all it's brutality, but especially the " experimental gene altering drugs masquerading as vaccines", that are now killing and incapacitating Australians ( vaxxed) at an alarming rate. Geert was right.....and I have spent the last 2 years challenging all of the above morons, with real science, real expert opinion and facts.....but as in the rest of the world, there is only one narrative, theirs....I sure hope all the clowns from this global circus are rounded up, stripped of their titles and locked away.....preferrably in the lyon's cage.....!🙈🙏

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