[R]ecent investigations have found abnormally high levels of IgG4 in people who were administered two or more injections of the mRNA vaccines…

[E]merging evidence suggests that the reported increase in IgG4 levels detected after repeated vaccination with the mRNA vaccines may not be a protective mechanism; rather, it constitutes an immune tolerance mechanism to the spike protein that could promote unopposed SARS-CoV2 infection and replication by suppressing natural antiviral responses. Increased IgG4 synthesis due to repeated mRNA vaccination with high antigen concentrations may also cause autoimmune diseases, and promote cancer growth and autoimmune myocarditis in susceptible individuals.


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Sadly, I disagree. As long as pharmacological regulatory capture is alive, science will continue to die.

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In the study above, none of the unvaccinated produced the PP, or 2P, protein.

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I see another comment on testing newborns from v'd parents to see if they are expressing it. Someone pass this idea on to Brogna and his team???

Scary thought...but I think I know what the results will be. It will be with great sadness that we realize what we have done through this finding...

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Has any checked newborns for spike producing? One wonders if it gets into the parents DNA of sperm or eggs....

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Now where are the so-called viruses other than in computer generated data bases? Still looking!

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Sep 4, 2023·edited Sep 16, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

On unwanted tolerance:, Summary:

75% of Autism is caused by tolerance to a certain cow milk casein (its IG4 , thus „Anti-Antibody“, fits on Folic acid receptor).


- how to HEAL this tolerance ?

- How to protect and heal the amygdala in general?

In Astra Z Chadox CoV vaccine, 2000 HUMAN proteins were found as „impurities“.

I assume I’m auto-allergic to many of them now, as anything given in context of a vaccine produces immunisation. Resembling observation of severely increased food intolerance / IBS.

That’s why I so far assumed injectables should fulfil rigorous quality standards and have _NO_ “add-ons”.

The opposite is true, by observation: “poison cocktails of perverse crookedness by research and design” describes it better… uhum. Back:)

ONE of these impurities in many vaccines is a cow milk casein that produces instant allergy, then by ingesting in the months after, of anything that “can contain traces of cow milk” (it _does_ contain it, if traces are deliberately added, which I assume till proven otherwise!) waning or tolerance.

“By chance” or rather long perverse research tradition how to poison and slow-kill the amygdala (or prevent development to proper function) of humans by billions, the IG4 antibodies produced for the tolerance to catch-away the antibodies on the casein snugly fit onto our FOLIC ACID RECEPTORS. Making them dysfunctional, producing symptoms of folic acid deprivation though blood level is fine.

This explains 75% of autism cases.

Therapy is spmething along folinic acid and 5-MNTP.

See https://vinuarumugham.substack.com/p/how-vaccines-cause-autism-a-visual

Including papers, mentioning of the FRET test to diagnose the IG4-antibodies and therapy proposals.

Since autism is on the rise proportional to vaccinations, this special casein „impurity“ must be present in all kinds of vaccines of the last decades. Or similar tricks lead to the same effect and symptoms.

I perceive these „impurities“ as added with murder and transhumanism in mind by the Vax industry until proven otherwise.

And I hope I cluld spark interest to CURE and HEAL also tolerance.

It seems we first must eliminate the antigen for a long while, making the anti-antibodies unnecessary, until finally we can direct the immune system to attsck the antigens again.

Perhaps one could evoke some immune response by alternate forms of IG4-antibodies ONLY catching away the casein antibodies without fitting on the folic acid receptors. This could be some computer protein matching game: find some artificial casein modification evoking IG4 that is NOT matching the receptors.

This is just some naive intuitive approach, and I follow it by some combined COMUSAV anti-inocculation and parts of I-RECOVER with quite some herbs added.

Try multi-modal auto-immune cures.

Also, spiritual healing is necessary, and western world has great deficiencies of culture here (ie the healing cultures were hunted for centuries!).

Since the Astra Covid Vax shot, I suffer from degraded blurry sight after heavy inflammed left eye, several new autoantibodies, like mild gullain barre, and markedly from apnoe 2 days after consuming cow milk products, even in any „can contain traces of cow milk“ murderous food industry products, so I conclude the waning did not work for me, hopefully, some folic receptors do still work.

Edit: I misinterpreted the cited article. It states autoimmune processes for Astra Z., and fir different vaccines the casein-folic acid IG4 - autism axis.

I suspect the spike has considerable precision in targeting the amygdala itself, first by disrupting blood-brain barrier, then by direct prion and amyloid and chronic inflammation load itself into the brain tissue.

As the amygdala and thus the link of our soul to the mind is targeted, we should watch out how to protect this, learn how it is threatened.

No fluorine. No titanium dioxide nano particles, neither in food, invisible “chemical free blabla” sunshade, tablet coatings (some nano is always there, who measures how much?) nor air (aka sun shielding == Gaia murder).

Detox heavy metals. Fight „brain“ parasites like toxoplasmosis. Watch out for toxoplasmosis structures or pathophysiologic patterns in vaccines and medicines and foods. Etc..

I perceive “Grounding” now as re-connecting mind and soul, unleashing back the full healing potential of the amygdala (eg against toxoplasmosis gondii, where it excretes hamalins, like in desert rue, eg., but without (bad) trip side effects). I suspect it is healing pretty much all ailments…:)

WHO could object against such strong inner healing capabilities ???

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Sep 3, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

If shedding is possible are we then all vaccinated and producing this spike or what is the understanding of shedding?

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Sep 3, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Could continous (perpetual) production of Covid spike protein, a toxin, be responsible for some of the alleged "long-covid"? After all, having all that harmful stuff in your bloodstream could likely make you feel unwell and may produce covid-like symptoms.

Before anyone says there's no such thing as long-covid, I think that the jury is still out on that one.

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Sep 3, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Glad many/most vaccinated people are not the individuals suffering from this continuous spike production. People whose shedding made me deaf and dizzy in December and January no longer seem to do that.

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Sep 3, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Igor, I'd forwarded your info on this study to various lists. A sort-of-friend (but who disagrees vehemently over vaccines) writes: "let's say for the sake of argument, that study is valid, and I have my doubts. All that would mean is that the vaccinated would have longer immunity to COVID than science had predicted. A good thing."

I'll be glad to forward your response ..... Thank you!!

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Sep 3, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

As always, the Sacklers helped proved that never engaging with any big pharma product of any kind is the best course of action. Your doctor knows nothing and is constantly stumped and baffled by the fact that he cannot ever cure your diseases and afflictions using his totally ineffective big pharma provided drugs.

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Sep 3, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Igor if it can’t be stopped what the best way to rid the spike? Nattokinase? Fasting? I have acute kidney damage from the vaccine…the spike protein is slowly killing me…I was super healthy before these poison shots!

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Sep 3, 2023·edited Sep 3, 2023Liked by Igor Chudov

Well, we don’t know anything long term how those who are not showing any complications now ( the other half of the vaccinated ) will be effected. Perhaps they appear fine now, but no one … including scientists , know what the long term effects of this BIO WEAPON ( stop calling it a vaccine ) will do to humanity. Including my daughter …who was fear mongered at work into taking 3. I ought to sue her employer. Might we all!

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