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Seems to me the best 2024 predictions would reference:

1) so-called exercises and exhortations of the globohomo khazarian money mafia and their NGOs/orgs. WEF/Blackrock/UScorps/BillMelindaGatesFOundation events, ie "disease X", "cyber attack" and "warmest year ever" [climate change is real due to the SUN/GALAXY not due to burgers and hybrids], "DEI" (DIE, whitey!), the UN 2030 ghouls, WHO global dissident jailing treaty, and so on.

2) the major "events" and vocabulary of 2023 and prior years (the 3 bankster landgrabs: maui DEW "wildfires" to kick native people off the land, gaza genocide for dubai2 yizraeli edition + suez canal 2 + more natural gas (search "genie" energy company), and that other genocide in one of the central asian 'stans; the ongoing covid charade military depop & draconian social control operation; transNATO keeps expanding into Russia's sphere; more sports-as-religion excitement across every sport; more DIE[DEI] propaganda brainwashing movies; old people kept dying to "save" social security, pensions, and retirement accounts so the banksters who created these ponzi schemes can avoid all responsibility for not keeping their end of the bargain; more famous people die; more "crazy weather" and geological events- iceland volcano, big quakes)

3) "protocols of the elders of zion"; the illuminati board game cards; simpsons, 1984/brave new world, bible:revelation, alexjones/davidicke controlled opposition mouthpieces, etc. (If jones is the "most banned man in the world" why is his site on cloudflare?)

4) search for Jason Christoff to learn more about mind control - the kind we've experienced for the past 200 years: https://courses.jchristoff.com/blog/top-supplements-to-detox-the-jab

5) check out https://moneycircus.substack.com/ - GREAT investigative journalist w/ global holistic view

2024 Overview:

More of the same garbage globally: daily, weekly, monthly distractions of fake reality tv & news, fake "meat" made from bugs, plastics, veg/seed oils and plants, fake boobs, fake crises, wars, disruptions, tensions, more poison & pharma fraud.

Mostly, more inversion and Clown World. (good is evil and evil is good: trans-baphomet=God, fake food=real food, fake medicine=real medicine, fake news, fake politicians, fake governments...)

ALL the above intended to poison bodies/minds/spirits/souls and cause FEAR and COMPLIANCE in the 99%, and distract us from the 1%'s dastardly deeds (covid democide, ongoing genocide(s), eating people's savings via private central bank inflation, passing more anti-human laws, increasing anti-human technology and social structuring)

2024 Specifics with [[SOLUTIONS INCLUDED]]

- brics stronger, "white" nations intentionally weakened thru no borders, garbage "education", trash tv/music/movies (although some new "trad" material is being created lately to keep people addicted to bread-and-circus, and to not think amongst ourselves, and organize against the 1% or moreso FOR OURSELVES) - all led by zionist NGOs and zionist Pedowood [[open a GAB account to discuss]]

- more awareness of who runs the world (satan, zionists & fellow frens) [[see: GAB]]

- more poison-as-medicine for all: shots, GMOs, fake food [[GROW+COOK YOUR OWN FOOD, AVOID people with fancy titles in white butcher coats unless you have a broken leg or bullet wound, USE herbal & chinese/ayurvedic remedies, BUY FARMLAND]]

- more died suddenly, more disabled, more VAIDS (from the GMO jabs) - watch steve kirsch, malone, stand up for health freedom, FLCCC, etc for the word [[visit www.StopTheWho.com ]]

- "cyber polygon" cyber pentagon cyber kabbalah kube - continued banking/commercial consolidation thru staged market crashes / digital money to track/control us, marketed as "convenient" such as credit/debit cards [[USE CASH, BUY REAL ASSETS like land/bullets/seeds/real estate/businesses, NOT FAKE CRYPTO ASSETS or so-called iraqi dinar "worth a trillion doll hairs"]]

- more DIE/DEI (open season on "white" European-Americans, traditional FAMILIES as a source of power, knowledge, safety- at least those families w/o toxic internal abuse, "Christian nationalism", and wholesomeness) [[watch out for your tribe]]

- in America, another summer of "mostly peaceful protest" riots and destruction paid for by globohomos Blakrok, Soros & DNC/RINO & Co. - problem/solution

- more war to support the War Industrial Complex- problem/solution [[turn off TV]]

- more poison to support the Medical Industrial Complex- problem/solution [[turn off TV]]

- continued/increased general awareness and fewer covid NPC zombies - but still way too many [[speak truth]]

- more clampdowns on Free Speech in the name of "hate" speech and "antisemitism" [[use substack, gab, bitchute, rumble, paper newsletters, bumper stickers, huge signs on freeways, comedy, derision, MOCK THE 1%, etc]]

- deRothschild-bankster ordained covid/DIE/climate campaigns causing more fear (doors falling off Alaska Airlines plane mid-flight, clot shot pilots, subway & elevator shutdowns in summertime, more drugfull "homeless") via diversity hires, covid shot injuries, fentanyl imports and opioid prescriptions, weather weirding

- Mel Gibon distributes his movie about the Rothschilds without dying! Occupy Rothschild, the 0.00001%! (the one private banking family behind every major central bank in the world, funding every war since 1800, funded both nazi/bolshevik parties in ww2, founded 1948 israel, behind blackrawk/ vanguard/ statestreet - ie, DEI, they think they are God)... RS are basically "SPECTRE" of Bond fame, co-founders and proponents of freemasonry/satanism/mammon/lucifer/illuminati... ALL THE SHIT.

- Trump/Uniparty wins or NewsomBama/Uniparty "wins" - the Uniparty wins! (brought to you by pfizer, 666, rothschits)

- More red & pink color aurora borealis at lower latitudes as the planet's magnetic shield continues weakening (due to sun/galactic forcing which is causing climate change on ALL NINE planets not just ours. keep driving your gas car buddy!)

Basically, pick any year 2021-2023, BUT WORSE EACH YEAR from here on out. (at least for the US and other "Anglo" or formerly 1st World countries)

1960s-70s America seemed humanity's best material standard of living and more importantly maximum FREEDOM in many ways. The totalitarian state hadn't fully developed here yet like in USSR/China/etc. But the bones were certainly there after 1913.

If you watch standup comedy on netflix in different countries, you'll notice the overall energy of the audience is VASTLY different.

Rahul Talks to People - India based comedy show. That nation's economy continues growing massively due to tech jobs & high emphasis on education. The comedian and audience are very upbeat, happy, naive, young, book educated. A billion people raised from the poverty and basic life in the mud. Still fairly traditional - for now. Just wait until Pedowood has its way in Bombay.

Various US comedians - the nation's economy has been dwindling for 40+ years. Outsourcing the industrial blue-collar job base. Shrinking wage purchasing power. Increasing social ills all around. Most of the comdey shows are a bit dim, jaded, the energy is sad and tired.

I haven't seen any european or chinese or african comedy so not sure what the general feel is, but i'm pretty sure europe is sucking wind, chinese are vaguely happy as a country compared to US/CAN/LATAM/EU, and Africa is mostly peaches and cream, aside from major power/international finance interference.

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That predictions made by Douglas Vogt, from the Diehold Foundation will come true. View the website or watch on you tube

Here is a taster.


I’ve been searching for a reason for the madness, I think this is it

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Wow! All horrific.. Nobody is even willing to consider anything positive?

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The ruling parasite class, both in the west and the east, can only hide the steal by distracting the masses with a crisis. They realised that defeating Russia in Ukraine is not in the cards and therefore they'll pivot to something else. China/Taiwan is even a bigger bite to chew, so I expect them taking on a weaker link in the chain - Iran. I expect a real calamity in the middle east, involving directly Iran, before the summer of 2024. To make it clear, I'm not fond of any of the both sides. As usual the normal folks will suffer most. The real wild card here is how far will Russia and China go to protect Iran.

In terms of the vaxx - for some time I was relaxed and thought that the vaxxed who did not get screwed within 1-2Y of the injection would actually be ok. But this autumn I changed my opinion - the excess deaths are not going down and totally weird anecdotes where apparently healthy people getting, whooping cough, mumps, multiple flair-ups of herpes zoster and not to mention repeatedly the flue for weeks already before Christmas. It seems the immune system of many has been long term decimated, which if really true, means we should expect the excess deaths to stay high for now.

I'd speculate here, and I certainly cannot claim I am not emotionally invested in the topic: somewhere, somehow this will get uncovered. Be it in a saner country like Denmark, Iceland or South Africa or in a red state in the US. When this happens the fire will spread overnight. The implications will be massive. I do not want revenge, but justice needs to be served if we do not want this episode to repeat in the near future. As el gato says "They did it again because you didn't hang them last time". Millions are dead and if we claim to be any different than mindless serfs we need to come clean on that one.

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I will make another one. Biden is removed as presidential nominee due to resignation or disability after late Aug. At that point, per rules adopted in 2022, DNC is authorized to pick candidate. They chose Gavin.

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There will be more conventional war, cyberattacks and a global recession. A black swan event in the US will cause the election to be called off and martial law to be declared. Many will succumb to hunger and exposure.

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1. There will be less peace in the Middle East

2. My daughters will do the washing up

The second prediction might be unrealistic.

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I missed not having a prediction from 2023 to feel embarrassed/proud of a year later, so here's a ripper. This is astrological, augmented by clairvoyant symbols. I'm using astrology not only because this is what I think the "mafias" do - significant events planned for significant times (solar eclipses, multiple planet conjunctions) - but also because I think everything follows the same patterns, and the planets may as well be used to represent general movement, as anything else. "There is no new thing under the sun" [Ecclesiastes 1-9]. So...

This is strictly for entertainment purposes only...

The year will be seen as "A vast display of cosmic force is seen in the eruption of a volcano with dust clouds, flowing lava, earth rumblings." [text of Sabian, but drawn by my creative astrological moment]. could be literal or figurative.

The outcome of the year seems to herald new wings of freedom with "Three fledglings, secure in their nest high in the tree, already reveal the deep pride of their heritage." [Ibid]

The rulers of the outcome are scrabbling for land, but they are weak, with govt and money already owning it. Sadly the ruler of the land is in the house of death, perhaps supporting massive devastation. Mars (ruler of money and property) is at the Galactic Centre - direct connection with the divine - this could almost be re-birth.

As for good days for mafia-organised events, the conjunction of the Sun (govt in this reading) and Pluto (the destroyer) on January 20/21 is highly significant, on the very cusp of the USA's degree of 1Aquarius - Inauguration Day. Something may be planned for the US - some cleaning out, cutting away the dead wood. The Sabian symbol is powerful with "In the mahogany-panelled and magnificently furnished directors' room a secret business conference has begun". Looks good.

There are some more events, but that's enough for now.

This has been strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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China starts "slow boating" supplies to America, so that store shelves become more and more bare. The supply chain, especially for automobiles and electronics, will grind to a halt.

OPEC lowers oil supply quotas for western countries while increasing quotas for BRICS countries.

The fighting intensifies between Israel and its MENA neighbors, and rhetoric against Israel escalates worldwide. Gazans are expatriated to Djibouti.

Bad actors create millions of extra social service payments, such as Social Security and food stamps, and the Fed shuts down banks to trace down all of the illegal payments and keep people from spending the money. It only lasts 72 hours, but it unnerves the population and local police are unable to halt the subsequent unrest.

Due to the out-of-control immigration crisis, acts of terrorism, and worsening inflation, President Trump, during his first week in office, institutes a real-id called the PatriotFreedomID, which will limit the dwindling federal services to Americans only. The IDs will also be needed to buy food, gas, and to access the internet. Barely anyone will care because Trump promises the cards will be safe and effective.

Congress passes a bill to regulate crypto. Trump signs it.

Taylor Swift puts out a duo album with Mick Jagger.

I finally get my dream stove.

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The Death of Science Edited by Paul R Goddard and Angus Dalgleish


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The Death of Science Edited by Paul R Goddard and Angus Dalgleish


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Cyber attacks by Russians and Iranians on US water infrastructure, portions of the electrical grid, and various Internet access hubs. The domino effect will be transportation disruptions and the threat of mass starvation. The prepared solution will be a new system of trust, leveraging a required digital ID for Internet access. Since the stock market will crash as a result, CBDCs will launch for greater purported market stability and the ID will be required to possess the new currency.

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Trump will win the Republican nomination and the presidency. Pfizer stock will drop below $10. Moderna below $50.

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I predict I will lose one or two family members to vaccine injury. One has already called an ambulance three times in one month. Blood clots in lungs and heart attack.

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It becomes obvious to nearly everyone that someone or something controls the narrative. NOTHING is believed by ANYONE. No matter how much “evidence” is presented, no one accepts anything as fact. The US elections will be complete chaos. Nothing can be agreed upon, and as the world wide economy nears the brink of collapse, a global “savior” emerges. He “unites” the world bringing “order” to the chaos.

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More people will figure it out there was no virus, but the majority of people who learn this will decide to stay in virusworld (exactly where the powers that be want them) because they are too cowardly and/or lazy to challenge their worldview.

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