As far as missing doses go, my very own personal experience with this gene injection is more than questionable. I have a sister in Aged Care and I did not want her to get the injection. No consent papers were signed by me, the next of kin, and several phone calls were made prior to the injection date reiterating that she was not to get the shot. I receive a call saying my sister was “accidentally” given the shot that day.

My sister has advanced dementia and she was aphasic at the time. So she could not give consent for obvious reasons and she could not confirm the three identifiers required to be given before receiving any medication. I then later checked her Australian Immunisation Register details and still to this day, they have not registered her “vaccine” dose that was given to her. Upon questioning this cover up they kept passing the buck from between the Aged Care facility to the company Health Australia, who ran the Covid clinic at the facility on that day.

I believe it was not an accidental mistake … far from it.

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the ELDERLY have been USED to perpetrate these narratives...(covid)the average length of stay in LTC ..aka carehome is 1.5 yrs!

many are waiting to have a room..

community services(canada)are being used to the max!costing a fortune!

so why not USE the elderly in carehomes..as this is a SOFT SPOT for most) to drive a plandemic?


what they NEVER said...


the ONES THAT ARE ALREADY DYING!(no disrespect intended)

so ask yourself this..

WHY would you

shut down the WORLD.

distroy businesses...

kill jobs..



distroy marriages. relationships..families ect

work from home..

study from home...

enforce masking..precisely 6ft distancing...

force 💉💉💉💉?

to PROTECT THE ELDERLY esp in carehomes?(no disrespect) ???????



we were literately SHOWN A POTENTIAL FUTURE!




NO MORE!!!!!!

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Thanks for reading my post. I looked at your newsletter and found some interesting viewpoints. I shall be reading them regularly. I find so few clear thinkers. I am trying to become one of them.---- I, Grampa

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Preferring actionable truth over lies, I would suggest the data collection was set up to collect data this way. Analyse the way the data was input if you wish a thorough analysis. The devil is in the details. So much can be hidden when rubbish applications are used to monitor rapid data entry. Same chart left open and multiple entries for one person etc. The way the application stores the data could be suspect as well spraying the data into random storage files rather than compiling for later use. Also, I believe you are correct that data sanitation would have occurred prior to this chap releasing the data. I suspect that would have occurred when the first deaths started rolling in and the link was made to the jabs. Data wasn't collected at all regarding shots at my workplace. It wasn't even considered by well trained and experienced nurses and doctors. Not on my watch.

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when trying to determine whats what, one would do well to consider motivations. specifically, the motivation to lie and who has it.

there is no motivation whatsoever for mr. young to throw his entire career away and risk almost a decade in prison just to make up some lies.. that would be totally retarded.

a strong sense of moral duty to your fellow man in the face of unparalleled tyranny is a pretty powerful motivation and a damn fine reason to risk everything in order to get real information out to the people.

again, there is ZERO motivation for him to throw it all away and risk prison just to spread a few lies, such motivation only really exists if he is being honest and doing it for his own deeply personal reasons/strongly held convictions.

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, his employers, his government, other goverments, and all the scumbag “fact checker” lapdogs have all the motivation in the world to continue lying to protect wealthy criminals and their big old bullshit official narrative that “covid” wasnt just an influenza rebrand and the “vaccines” are SaFe aNd eFFeCtIvE, while trying to stop the public from finding out they are actually slow kill bioweapons, because they are all greedy and they DO NOT represent the interests of the regular people of the world as they claim to.

i dont have the easiest time expressing myself with the written word, and that didnt come out exactly as perfect as i wanted it to, but i am hoping i was at least able to convey the gist of what i was trying to get across, and that it all made sense more or less.

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Mike Deskevich's logic with synthetic baseline and buckets which Steve uses in his analyses checks out IMHO. (https://kirschsubstack.com/p/its-always-the-last-dose-that-gets)

Assuming the death rate from the vaccinated cohort for the synthetic baseline is questionable though.

The actual death rate of unvaccinated can put the blue hump under or over the red line, depending on whether the vaxx is net beneficial (not in my opinion) or the opposite. It's "catch 22". We need the actual death rate for unvaccinated.

In any case, I am not sure how we go from the blue hump to Steve's "killed 1 in every 1000"

Going by "Cumulative analysis of post-authorization adverse event reports of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (BNT162b2) received through 28-Feb-2021", while taking into account the underreporting rate (97-99%) and generously assuming that all 40M doses distributed by the time were administered, yields a very conservatives ~ 0.1% - 0.3% (1 in every 1000) fatality rate caused by Pfizer, according to Pfizer itself.


Why do we even need this NZ analyses?

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Has anyone tried to reach out to the leaker and Lizz Gun to get a response as I see no mention in the article? Apparently they are potentially available as I saw they do an interview yesterday. Certainly these things should be questioned but that applies to everything including this critique. As far as psyops straw man responses attempting to discredit whistleblowers is also an MO of the guilty.

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This whole episode is a massive bumbling mistake. I'm one of the key proponents in New Zealand who protects and supports the current freedom movement.

I can tell you right now it's a Hack Job done so poorly its a sad joke.

It's the second time Liz G has been directly involved with a massive legal fuc up, the baby will case was a cluster fuc.

They didn't use the whistle Blower legislation proactively.

This means that the data the evidence and the ability to your said data in the future if it's valid is gone.

It is illegally gained information.

Calvin Alps, Liz Gun, Samantha Edwards and a few more have botched this so bad I'm wondering if it was done intentionally to damage the value of it.

I mean how stupid can you get not to protect the very thing you want to use as proof to all the lies and they get every part of it wrong.

No chain of custody, no official protection from retaliation arrest and investigation, no legal protection.

I can't even imagine how they are going to try and drop the next social bombshell. Keep an eye out for the Mosque execution data dump doco comming soon by the same people.

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Hmm couldn't the vax name and batch id form a compound key, which wouldn't be represented in a CSV file?

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Hey IGOR, you working for the other side?

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12 M Covid shots in NZ

here is the break down of how these shot were paid.. hence more than one dataset

4M - Pay per dose (this the data leak)

8M - by Bulk payment (approx)



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Igor, have you had a chance to examine Kirsch's logic that lead him to claim 1 per 1K deaths from this leaked data set (assuming it is genuine and reflects the true situation)?

If you just stop looking at the vaccination dates, what you see is the bunch of (mostly) old folks dying according to the mortality by age pattern and within limits of the normal life expectancy of New Zealanders (82).

You really need an unvaccinated control group with some benign control event (placebo) in order to start drawing conclusions based on time periods between the jab and death. It might also be helpful to compare 2019 life expectancies for different age groups with the same but jabbed in 2021 to see if there is a statistically significant decrease.

Perhaps I do not understand Steve's methodology, but I don't want to waste too much time on it as I did with his other escapade which had a similar idea of measuring the time in between, and which turned out to be a complete baloney


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Just keep in mind that due to the borg lobotomization transfection poisons, your iq is likely not the same now as in 2019.

Eq sq iq

Emotional intelligence

Spiritual intelligence


These are all linked to certain epigenetic dna markers and triggers. Mutations can dramatically change the brain and heart.

There are ways to reverse the damage but it requires spiritual enlightenment and natural paths.

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What do I think? I think that Dr. Fenton's position [see link below] doesn't provide the same level of equivocation (not to be taken pejoratively) that yours does; however, without the assistance of transparent governments and their provision of complete data sets, we may never learn the truth regarding the safety of these transfection gene therapy products. Rather than quibble about the implications of this NZ data and other emerging datasets, the bottom line has emerged: the jab juice makes no sense given its horrendous absolute risk benefit. Shame on governments and big pharma for committing crimes against humanity.


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I am not a scientist nor a a Dr. of any kind, I fix cars. It does require a lot of common sense. I know at least ten people who had reactions to the jab, or at least what seemed to be caused by the jab. 11 year old boy in my town had a heart attack, a good friend had a stroke the day after, another friend had severe chest pain and had to take an ambulance to the hospital from the vax site. Not to mention all the years they where unable to come up with a vax for covid, then all of a sudden within a year they have one, and natural immunity along with any early treatment shut down. I'm going with stay away from the vax, it could kill you.

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Whenever I am around the people who have been vaccinated, I get very tired. I have read about shedding and feel that this is what happens. We have all had our health compromised. When we go into town, my son and I immediately drink tea, make sure we are well rested, and take ivermectin along with our supplements. As others get sick, this situation affects our relationships. In addition, it is hard to find workers for projects. Everything has been turned upside down.

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