My impression is that ARR tells you something about the common sense real world, whereas RRR seems to be a sexy marketing tool used to convince the unsophisticated to take a vaccine.

For example faced with 95% RRR versus 0.85% ARR for the BNT163b2 Covid vaccine Pfizer unaccountably chose to trumpet the RRR not the ARR, even though they are based on the same data. I think we can agree that is marketing.

Surely Informed consent would require both numbers to be presented in the same breath to help people make rational risk based decisions as to whether to take a novel rushed biologic which had questions about its safety profile.

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Writing this here to quote a story released after the market close. Pfizer stock was at $53 when the year began and hit $31 tonight, a 41.5% drop. So while no government will punish them, the market knows they're going to pay, and pay big, for their financial shenanigans.

05:11 PM EDT, 10/13/2023 (MT Newswires) -- Pfizer (PFE.NaE) on Friday lowered its 2023 earnings and revenue forecasts to account for changes in its supply agreement for Paxlovid with the US government.

The revenue guidance was lowered to $58 billion to $61 billion from $67 billion to $70 billion previously, and full-year adjusted earnings per share are expected at $1.45 to $1.65 compared to $3.25 to $3.45 previously, the company said.

Paxlovid is an oral COVID-19 medicine that was granted emergency use authorization by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2021 and a full nod in May 2023.

In a change announced Friday, the US government is returning an estimated 7.9 million treatment courses of the emergency use authorized-labeled Paxlovid which will result in a non-cash revenue reversal of $4.2 billion, the company said.

The lowering of the financial guidance reflects those changes, as well as a delay in the commercialization of Paxlovid to January from the second half of 2023 and lower-than-expected vaccination rates for COVID-19, which impact the sales of Pfizer's (PFE.NaE) Comirnaty.

Additionally, Pfizer (PFE.NaE) announced a cost-cutting program to save at least $3.5 billion. Of the total, $1 billion is expected to be realized in 2023 and a further $2.5 billion is expected in 2024.

Shares of Pfizer (PFE.NaE) fell 3.8% in recent after-hours trading.

Price: 30.9, Change: -1.21, Percent Change: -3.77

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Albert Bourla lives in the US, walks around smiling and giving interviews to push his poisons. IMO he is a mass murderer, of children no less. There is no law in the USA, unless you try to fight back, then they apply the law.

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Staggering. Everything is falling apart.

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Yea, I agree, bad choice of words.

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If you are convinced that nano amounts can cause birth defects, autism, etc., no argument here, but I'm not convinced. I would never believe anything the CDC, NIS, or FDA published. Thanks for your comments.

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The RSV virus did not come from a lab. RSV was identified first in 1956 in a group of chimpanzees and accordingly called chimpanzee coryza agent, but was later documented to be mainly a human pathogen.


RSV vaccine was 81.8% effective against severe RSV

There was a non-significant difference in preterm birth in the trial.

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Once you understand how natural immunity against airborne viruses is created you will never want an injection again.


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Big pharma and the Government are now killing machines, and we are all in the killbox.

Do not let anyone vaccinate you with anything.

Also do not let anyone test you for anything, unless you have sought medical attention for it.

Try to keep fit and healthy, watch what you eat and drink carefully, and enjoy life as much as possible.

Oh yeah, and keep well away from the MSM propaganda!!

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And just for those who are interested in numbers: RSV accounts for 22 in Reverse English.

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%116 of 20000 makes 23.200.

So actual increase in infant death from RSV vaccine will be anywhere from 4k to 23k. And that assumes every pregnant woman gets the vaccine. I'll put my clean bet to around 5-10k, accounting for a 25-50 percent increase in infant deaths.

I'll let you think about it.

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It is the same with Vitamin K, given at birth, and the Rotavirus vaccines, very few die but the vax most likely kills more. Thank you for your hard work on this! So important.

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Textbook stuff: Let a shoddily assembled pathogen slip from some bio-kitchen. Then make money on vaccines that kill and maim thousands or millions of people. Kids, pregnant women, who cares!

Dying people and interrupted pregnancies are "safety signals". We're truly in post-Orwellian territory, where it is significantly worse than anything a mid-20th century mind could conjure up. This dawned on me about a year ago when I read a German news article stating that "rare" victims of severe adverse events of COVID jabs were overcrowding the ambulances that were set up specifically to deal with them and that there were waiting lists of thousands of people. Of course, only very few thousands, I suppose?

Since it is very similar in scope to your article, I would also highlight that this practice seems to make a lot of sense at least to some people since a similar calculation for COVID jabs yields similarly catastrophic best-case numbers: https://rome2ruins.substack.com/p/we-miserable-fools

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Igor, I have a question. This is OT. I remember people arguing a lot that the PTB changed the definition of a pandemic, a while back. I recently looked to corroborate, and can't dig myself down to the answer. Can you confirm the change, or did I fall for BS on our side?

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Igor, this is completely off topic. But have you any idea why Rob Slane has stopped posting, over at The Blog Mire? He hasn't posted since Dec 30, nor has he posted any explanation. I'm kind of worried.

The Blog Mire is where I found out about you.

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