My 65 yo sister and her 66 yo husband got the Covid vaccines down in New Caledonia where they lived. 5 months after the second shot, her husband died suddenly of a cardiac arrest, and my sister fell into a catatonic depression which resulted in her spending months in an Australian hospital. The severity of her cognitive and speech problems led them to suspect either a stroke, or an acute onset dementia, but the MRI came back negative. A year and a half later she is now living in an assisted living facility in Calgary, Canada, and needs help to access her e-mails on a computer. The doctors only say she has "cognitive issues" but do not say what caused them. To give you an idea of her pre-morbid functioning, she had a genius IQ and a photographic memory.

As a retired doctor, I reached out to ask Dr. Makis about diffuse micro-vascular clotting associated with the spike protein. He agreed with me that the MRI would likely not show any abnormalities until years after the brain injury, when scarring and shrinkage of the cortex would become visible on the MRI.

I did not take the Covid vaccines as I also had an M.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology, and recognized the risks associated with the design of the vaccines. I also recognized that the virus was manmade (as was SARS-Cov 1). Unfortunately, all of my classmates and friends ignored my warnings and I was shunned by most of them.

I take no pleasure in seeing my predictions come to fruition. The medical profession will not survive the truth when this comes out, and I believe most of the once prestigious scientific journals, like Nature, Science, NEJM, and Lancet will shut down when the corruption is publicly exposed.

P.S. I left medicine 8 years ago at the young age of 54 because I recognized the corruption that had taken over the professional colleges and health agencies. I'm ashamed of my old profession.

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Death is a very long injury, but you can't gaslight the dead.

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Disgusting. So antibody dependent enhancement, spike protein inflammation, vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and endless bouts of "covid" are now basically lumped in with "long covid".

*sighs* 🙄

Well, nobody can be forced to wake up. People will wake up in their own time, by themselves, once they are ready.

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One has to infer that the serious side effects are ominously common if those 'scientists' are suddenly admitting they exist at all.

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My step mum, mid 50s first suffered from long covid (pre-vax, alpha variant): complete loss of sense of taste and smell (not recovered) and coordination problems especially when walking (from which she recovered in between).

In the evening after her second booster (no 4 in total) in spring last year, she suddenly had severe coordination problems coming on again and moves about since then in a wheelchair or with a Zimmer - frame.

She is luckily now treated by a doctor that recognises her vaccine injury and she's making slow progress (he, as far as I know, sees the spike protein as the culprit).

Yes, long covid is real and can be bad, but with the vaccines she continuesly was exposed to what made her ill over and over again (while with a reinfection there's a good chance the immune system fights it off in the upper respiratory system).

What a stupid argument by the 'science' magazine...

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An example of a vaccine injured person I know. A woman 60 years old leading a normal life before vaccination. After the third shot, she was hospitalized for liver failure and has had neurological cognitive problems to the point that she had to move back with her elderly mother . She happens to ask her mother why she had not gone to kindergarten on that day. The parents in their 90 had 3 shots each too and are all right so it is hard to convince them what was the likely cause of their daughter's predicament to follow some protocol like that of FLCCC. And all doctors rule out the vaccine as the cause.

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And what about the jabbed getting long COVID after getting COVID after getting x number of jabs?

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A dear friend had a stroke, about 4 days after shot 2, in Germany. Another friend's daughter miscarried after her first injection,

in Poland . Another friend developed neurological symptoms including nerve pain, imbalance, headaches, and muscle weakness. She is not improving, in Oregon.

And the stories of turbo-cancer abound. A friend's brother was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer. No history of smoking or any other risk factor. He died in less than 3 months, leaving behind a wife and 3 young children, also in Oregon.

I am not sure how long after his Covid Injections, or how many he had, but he was "fully vaccinated" at the time of his death.

So one from each category- Cardiovascular, Neurological, Turbo-Cancer, Reproductive.

But for me the most shocking were the deaths. Person after person was just found dead.

Especially after #2, and after the booster also. Elderly for the most part, but some young and very healthy.

Such a crime!!

I pray we succeed in holding the perpetrators accountable, no matter how long it takes!!

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Ok - let's all organize a mass protest with pitch forks at the nearest Fizzr HQ.

Of shall we just remain on Substack and exclaim 'OMG OMG!!!' and 'When will these evil people be punished???'

The thing is ... the people who might punish them -- are the same people who are carrying out the plan.

Don't expect any help from them.

To the castle or not?

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My irritable heart is suffering

As it flutters and fatigues

Exposures greeted yesterday

Now manifest as disease

The culprit yet identified

Conspiracies looming near

As environmental mutagens

Kiss us through the air...


Mitochondria do more than just produce energy. They're important for regulating cellular homeostasis.

They have their own DNA.

Not sheltered and protected away inside the nucleus of the cell.

They express their own unique genes.

When cellular homeostasis is disrupted

You get all sorts of symptoms.

Weird misfolded proteins can emerge.

Premature cell death.

Cytokines and inflammation.

Low energy output and fatigue.

Too much ROS.

Cancers, clotting, failure to respond to the epigenetic environment.

And remember.

No genotoxicity studies were ever completed prior to this rollout.

Because trust the science.

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1st Shot


I had sharp pain in my jaw on both sides 15 minutes after taking the Pfizer Vaccine. I started having joint pain mostly in my arms and muscle pain in my body, but the most in my arms. My symptoms faded into the second shot.

2nd Shot


After the second shot. My symptoms from the first shot went away for a few days. I had weird sensations in my brain, including a sensation of cool water flowing through my brain around the second day. I had other fluttering sensations that would move around.

After a few days, my muscle pain became more intense. My hands and feet and tongue began to swell up and my joints in my hands began to swell and hurt. My muscles in my arms felt like they were contracting and pulling my fingers in. It felt like I had pressure behind my eyes. My neck was stiff and I started to have numbing sensations on my head and face that would come and go. I had headaches and sometimes it felt like I had fluttering in the center of my brain. I had sensations that felt like an alien was crawling up my back. I also felt very fatigued. I then had what I would call my first attack where I felt really weak and I thought I was going to faint. My heart started racing. That is when I went to the hospital the first time. The second attack, my body was having involuntary muscle spasms all over. My muscles were shaking in an involuntary manner. I felt very weak and I felt like I might faint. I ended up going to University of Washington Medical Center. All tests came back normal both times. The third attack was muscle spasms mostly in my neck and mouth below my tongue. I was not sure if my airway was going to close. It lasted about 45 minutes. I tried to relax and meditate to make it go away. In both my hands and wrists, with my right middle finger, I was not able to make a fist due to arthritis like symptoms in my finger joints and the hair on my head has continued to fall out since getting the second COVID Shot.

Today, I have chronic fatigue. I have swelling and pain in my muscles and joints in both my hands, feet and ankles. My hands, wrists, forearms, toes, feet and ankles feel like they have been soaked in ice cold water in perpetuity. I have arthritis like symptoms, but do not have arthritis.

Today: Small Fiber Neuropathy - Swelling and Consistent Pain - Arms, Hands,ankles and Feet.

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Yep. An elderly relative developed low heart rate requiring pacemaker, and cognition and motor skills (fine and large) and memory, which were declining somewhat, took definite nosedive since the dreadful injections.

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Oh boy. Here's my list, so far. For context, some background info:

- I live in Hungary, where even visiting a library, swimming pool, concert, etc. was tied to an "immunity card" at the peak of the plandemic, so people either needed proof of prior infection or the jab. As a former communist country, people are extremely obedient and compliant, for fear of authority. Most people I know have given in to pressure early on, before natural infection would have bought their freedom.

- I keep my circle of friends on Fakebook limited to 200, beyond that it's superficial acquaintances. My closest family (i.e. grandparents and all their offspring) consists of about 30 people.

1. My aunt of 81 (who thrived with the energy of a 40 year old till then) developed shingles autumn 2021 after her third dose (first two were Chinese vaxx so not mRNA, the third was Pfizer), for a few months they could "cure" it but then it flamed up again and now it is persistent. Since it covers half of her head and it "burns", she is on painkillers, daily. While she seems "normal" otherwise and just somewhat slower, she has become aggressive and irrational to the extent we no longer see eye to eye.

2. Her close female friends (5 in total) ALL became a widow since 2021. Even though their husbands were in that age, I do not consider this a coincidence. They all had themselves jabbed, as their favourite passtime (jointly visiting wellness centers) was tied to having yourself vaccinated.

3. My other aunt's husband initially had a toe amputated in 2021,then died due to an embolism, supposedly related to the toe. No info on vaxx status, could be a coincidence.

4. A friend died at 47 after his jab. The official version at the funeral:"he drank himself to death after his mother's death"

5. A former colleague of 65 and good friend of mine bruised her leg, had to be rushed to hospital and died within 48 hours. It was not proper for me to ask about her vaxx status during the funeral, but since she worked in the airline business and travel was her life, I have no doubt she had all the vaxx that was needed to get her "freedom" back. May she rest in peace, I really miss her most of all people. A kind and giving person.

6. My father's good friend had his first Pfizer early in 2021 and got paralyzed in half of his body right away. I do not know his current status.

7. My father of 82 had three jabs, mRNA based (he was all secretive, but one was a Pfizer). Initially he just "slowed down" in his otherwise pretty healthy body, then he told me he had the worst flu and thought he would die. Then started treating my brother and I as lepers, even saying we will make him ill and we should get our vaxx, but being irrational about it (did invite us to his home but sitting across for hours in a closed room, with his mask on). Has not given us a hug since, his mind had also become quite fogged and he has become quite passive-aggressive, up to the point of paranoia. Both my aunt and he seems to have lost their ability to reason logically, not just related to the plandemic but even in basic math. They oddly are both extremely self confident, but when being confronted with obvious contradictions on any topic, it is as if talking to someone on drugs.

8. In my sports circles, out of a few hundred I know, one of my competitors of 49 had a heart attack during a cycling workout in September 2021. He died shortly after they called an ambulance. For some reason, the ride still got uploaded to Strava by whoever got a hold of his Garmin head unit and we got a good look at his workout (including heart rate). There was nothing more strenuous than his usual workouts, his HR was 20BPM below his max during a short climb, he turned around halfway and after his heartrate had gone down to recovery levels, he died in the parking lot, despite attempts of the ambulance to resuscitate. No media coverage, even though by then the total of TWO cases that our country officially counted had been added to the famous list of 600 deceased athletes that made its round. I judge that in our country of 10 million, in 2021 already there must have been dozens of athletes who died of the vaxx, if not hundreds. The media made absurd claims to avoid any relation with the vaxx, like in the case of teenager football player that "he drank too much Red Bull according to his friends". Anything to cover up all the dead.

9. There was a track&field coach who came out that his young pupils had shown such huge differences in their progression, that he no longer can hide the fact that all of his vaxxed runners have stopped developing and are mostly out of breath. He got censored and attacked for bringing this out.

I had a ride in the summer of 2021 with one vaxxed friend who suddenly crashed (never told me why it happened, I just saw him fall) and broke a collar bone, the first question of the ambulance on the phone was whether he had been jabbed. Whether this information was used to prioritise the jabbed or not, we will never know, but it is strange to say the least, since there was no "wave" during summer, so this was not related to any precautions or need for isolation.

Since my own Covid infection in September 2020, I have had only two virus infections since, both times it developed a few days after I met this friend. For 5 years I have never seen him getting a cold, now he is having nose drops on him every time.

An other friend of mine works as an ambulance driver. When we talked about the jab in 2021, which they were forced to take, he told me he either quits his job or "arranges it" (in a corrupt country that means buying a piece of paper..), since he has connections. He never took the shot, as he knows the statistics, even if he is not exactly willing to share insider info with me.

In general, what I notice is that those I meet regularly and were jabbed, all seem to have some ailment constantly, like little coughs, colds. In the middle of summer, too, unlike anything I have seen from them in the decades before. I assume that we are "lucky" in that our government was pushing for both the Chinese and Russian vaggzines, neither of which are mRNA based. Though I suspect the adjuvants don't make them any less safe, if we are to believe RFK Jr's alarming research on all vaccines and their health risks.

And we are only at the start of long term consequences.

Personally I am unvaxxed against CV19 and will never take any vaccine ever again in my life after the ones they coerced me into for travel to Asia, not even a tetanus shot in case I ever land in hospital. I have not taken any meds in a long time and have never been healthier, since I started proper nutrition and cut out all poisons from my diet.

By now my trust is in my natural immune system. If ever any medicine should be considered "safe" and becoming necessary for something I develop, I would only take those orally.

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"Science magazine", brought to you by Pfizer.

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borrowed from another comment section , '' the best thing about being a conspiracy theorist is not having myocarditis" amen to that

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Hi Igor. I know the following cases personally:

1. Significantly elevated heart rate for one month, and difficulty exercising during that month (after shot 2 of Pfizer/BioNTech).

2. Brain fog and cognitive difficulties (e.g. grasping the correct word when speaking) following shot 1 of Pfizer/BioNTech. Some symptoms persist.

3. Significant pain in arm/shoulder/neck after both 1st and 2nd doses of Pfizer/BioNTech.

4. Ghoulish heart (heart stopping for seconds at a time, requiring pacemaker to be fitted). I don't know temporal proximity to vaccination, or which vaccine. A less certain case (I'm not aware that the person attributes the injury to vaccination).

5. At 1 remove (close relative of a friend), I know of someone hospitalised for 2 months with significant cardiac issues (I can't remember whether that was after the 1st or 2nd dose of Pfizer/BioNTech). 6. Friend of a friend dropped dead in close temporal proximity to vaccination (I don't know more).

7. At 2 removes (direct observation of relative of a friend) I know of a case where someone collapsed to the floor before leaving the vaccination clinic - permanently paralysed from the waist down.

I have left out personal details for reasons of privacy.

Not unrelated - in 2001 the New Zealand medicines regulator said that only 5% of vaccination adverse events are reported, adding proudly that this was the highest rate of reporting in the world. They have not withdrawn or modified that statement. Cases 1, 2 and 3 above I know to have not been reported to the regulator. Case 5 I think also not reported (but am not certain). For the others, I don't know. 6 of the 7 cases above are in New Zealand.

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