My son is an Army Sgt. He was an Airborne Combat Medic however now he can’t do his job anymore because of super bad migraines that have “mysteriously” started happening to him. He took the stupid shots. I told him not too. I’m a RN that refused and kept working with a religious exemption. He just did what he was told 😞. The irony…now they want him to be a recruiter since he can’t jump anymore and is no longer deployable. As long as he doesn’t die from the stupid vax they actually did him a favor. Now he can be around for his very young sons and wife. The military truly shots themselves in the foot with their stupidity on this. Many hospitals did too because I know a lot of RN’s that will never return. I’m leaving healthcare altogether in the near future and taking my 23 years of experience with me.

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There was no “begging” in that ARMY letter! Not even a request.

No admission of wrong doing by DoD.

No apology for unjust punishment of the most motivated and patriotic people in US military.

No leadership from leadership to help those they hurt overcome their pain.

No anything… just another administrative red-ass to rejoin the so-called “military.”

A faltering military that fails, bc:

(1) it promises no change of mind on future pandemic policy of unconstitutional Covid vaccine mandates,

(2) it offers no admission of guilt for gutting military readiness on the false pretense of “safe & effective” EUA vaccines to protect us from a novel flu-like phenomena.

(3) it shows no sign of sympathy for shutting down the lives & livelihoods of thousands upon thousands of soldiers, sailors, Marines & airmen under the false pretense of failure to obey lawful orders.

(4) it gives no incentive for troops to put the ruck sack back on and “fall in!”

The Army LTR needs to be rewritten with some “begging” and more, as follows:

Dear Wrongfully & Unjustly Persecuted Service Member,

This letter conveys the most sincere and deepest apologies to you on behalf of the POTUS/CinC, DoD, SECDEF, CJCS, USAF, USN, USA, USMC, USCG for our collective spineless abdication of our duties as your so-called leaders during Covid-19 AND our nefarious conspiratorial violation of your constitutional rights, your personal values, your individual health, your sacred trust AND our betrayal of your dedicated service to your nation.

We are painfully aware that this weak-ass apology is worth absolutely nothing and even seems offensive in view of the immeasurable pain, stress and strain we inflicted upon you through loss of dignity, camaraderie, honor, rank, pay, respect, benefits, housing, peace, life dreams, career goals, ambition to lead and ability to serve.

Therefore, since we always say “actions speak louder than words”… in addition to our weak-ass apology and our paltry admission of gutless guilt, the following items to your benefit have been taken FORAC:

(1) Your DD214 has been corrected. All punitive letters and adverse reactions have been removed. There are no negative markers of any kind in relation to your dismal dismissal from service.

(2) You have the unilateral right of return to service, at the base of your choice, a PCS move, with base housing, and a two-rank promotion, within 2 years.

(3) You will receive double back pay for the time you were discharged.

(4) You merit a $200,000 bonus for not taking the boosters.

On behalf of an embarrassed nation, we are sorry for how we treated you, so dishonorably.

All the heinous harassment & humiliation we wrought.

All the top-down tyranny & travesty we wielded.

All the vindictive venom & vaccinations we mandated.

All the masks we made you wear.

All the lies upon lies we lied about.

We promise it will never happen again.

We beg your forgiveness.

Unlike us, You displayed the highest measure os courage, resolve, backbone, leadership, integrity and valor, while under the deepest duress, with gravest consequences, and most persistent pressure from those of us who were sworn to serve you. Bravo Zulu!

The Legion of Merit is awarded in you honor for leading by example — when we did not — by standing up for yourselves, and standing up to the onslaught of soul-crushing slander and body-harming injections with which your leaders tried to slay you into submission.

Nothing can absolve our collective crimes against your sacred service or repay the personal harm you have endured at our hands.

Our resignation — without retirement — is effective immediately as a small token of reparations to redeem your rightful respect.

If you should ever see any of us on the street in the future, you have the right to take your best shot to the face, gut or tiny nuts in righteous anger.

With utmost respect and begging your forgiveness… as well as your return to service!

Joe, Lloyd & Mr. Milley

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Yeah, that's swell. I'm sure all the guys are itching to get back in there and put themselves under the command of a man in a dress to die for Israel.

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Shedding is still a real threat so they that return amongst the Jabbed are only safe in a real intimate walk Ephesians 2:5:6 with thankgiving abounding as they unashamedly share John 3:16,17 as doors open to them & Our *LORD* will confess them before the *FATHER*. So Revelation 5:6 opening us to seven needed Spirits of *GOD* described in Isaiah 11:2. And Jude 20 aplenty in these closing days. *GOD* Bless the Faithful Holy *GHOST* Christian worker Luke 2:49 surely the only safe place. The PRECIOUS BLOOD from our SPOTLESS *CHRIST JESUS* only avails if one walks in the Light given them.

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I hear you are singing a song of the past /

I see no tears /

I know that you know it may be the last /

For many years /

You'd gamble or give anything /

To be in with the better half /

But how many friends must I have /

To begin with to make you laugh /

Will you still have a song to sing /

When the razor boy comes and take your fancy things away /

Will you still be singing it on that cold and windy day...

--"Razor Boy," Steely Dan

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Such irony. The best and brightest willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country treated worse than aliens and strangers by a military establishment no longer worthy of their service. The level of cowardice and stupidity at the top levels is a sign of the sorry condition of our virtue signaling woke military leaders who have lost any coherence about what military service is about and how you honor those willing to serve and not treat them like dirt. Our military is no longer in good hands. To those who were so disrespectfully treated, don't go back. You have no way of knowing how you will be treated when another world crisis emerges and more wreckless pandemic responses emerge. BTW, the LA Times is a woke joke.

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How is the US military going to compensate the injection injured?

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The facts are that young males were / are? at risk from the covid shots with increased myocarditis and other issues. Calling it "conspiracy theory" in the articles above is one more reason why many refused it, when studies were *hidden* (75 year hold on Pfizer's studies being public??). My medically retired young male special ops family member (unvaccinated) had at least two incidences of weird medical crises occur post jab in his circle - fit, healthy males: a stroke and serious cardiac incidence. Anecdotal, but striking enough that it should be enough to spur serious examination and consideration of the episodes (and all the others), unmasking the studies which were done. and looking for answers. That's called "good science."

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Unless they were promising a complete return to service, back pay, no loss of seniority in grade, and a chance at immediate promotion-this would be a sucker's bet to take.

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I am overdosing on schadenfreude right now.

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That picture of Lloyd Austin. It looks like a character from Space Balls, Mel Brooks’ spoof on Star Wars. What a fool. His loathsome weakness and his deep shame invites pity.

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I would never return to the Military after what what they did to members of their armed forces. They have shown complete disdain for their soldiers. I wouldn't give two hoots for what ever they offered as recompense.

One can only suspect that another ranked idiot would do the same all over again if it meant promotion or some medal of glory. Lily livered Lloyd is an example of one of those idiots.

That would be my advice to them.

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They are so vaxxed they even misspelled "military" in the signature block and nobody caught it.

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Critical Thinkers will not shoot fellow Americas when call to do so by their corrupt government in the near future.

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If you don’t have your health, not much else matters

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