We could reduce emissions without a recession by changing the money from it all being created and allocated privately as debt to maximize profits for the few. Because money is the governing factor they are our unelected government and because money is the governing factor it should be a public function of elected government. Then instead of massive amounts of money being created to support the speculative market, which extracts wealth from the productive economy, we could redirect priorities by allowing the return of millions of farmers back onto the land to grow fertile soil, which eats C02, while growing food, and fiber, creating thousands of rural economies reversing the centralization of populations into polluting and energy intensive cities. It is the systemic change we need in order to redirect priorities into restoring our life supporting ecological base. Please don't just imagine how awful that could be, instead imagine how wonderful it could be. A nation of small towns caring for one another and connected by safe and efficient mass transportation systems. Lets imagine other ways in which this could be wonderful. We have to take the money creation powers away from the Wealthy Elite Financiers (WEF) whose ideas only exploit the people and extract the life of the planet for profit and power. monetaryalliance.org

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The absolute irony would be that reduced shipping in a recession/depression would only increase temperatures (as the sulfur aerosols cool the planet). This is one of the hypotheses as to why this last years was unseasonably warm (at least via ocean data), was the downturn of shipping during covid alongside new international agreements that cut such cooling pollution in 2020.

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it was also transition to sulfur-free bunker fuel

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If you were back in time to 1929, and knew the Great Depression was about to hit, what would you do? Assume you had a modest inheritance + savings, with the ability to buy any piece of real estate, within reason, in your area, or other assets.

I've been worried about banks and the debt for a long time and I think it's finally time to act, although R.E. prices are still very inflated.

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Igor, are you familiar with "The Weather Enterprise?" I recently came across this and I'm curious about your thoughts on it.

This is an important book that describes in great detail how the climate narrative science hoax is constructed. They call it the "Weather Enterprise." The book describes the coordinated, sophisticated social and behavioral science (the science of propaganda/censorship) has been integrated into natural science, climatology and meteorology in a coordinated attack to push the climate fear porn for population control agenda. "The Weather Enterprise includes the network of government agencies, private-sector companies, and academic institutions that provide weather services to the nation."

You'll even find infamous propaganda specialist, star hoaxer Kate Starbird listed in it as a contributor. It further details how they use the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to advance climate fear porn propaganda with health regulatory powers. As well as a collection of all of the centers of power that are coordinating and collaborating with this massive psychological mind-farkery operation. As Spock would say, "Fascinating":

Integrating Social and Behavioral Sciences Within the Weather Enterprise

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2018.



Front Matter (You've gotta check out the names of some of these Boards and Committees that contributed!)


Ch 1 Introduction

Ch 2 The Motivation for Integrating Social and Behavioral Sciences Within the Weather Enterprise

Ch 3 Assessing the Current State of Social and Behavioral Sciences Within the Weather Enterprise

Ch 4 Social and Behavioral Sciences for Road Weather Concerns

Ch 5 Research Needs for Improving the Nation’s Weather Readiness and Advancing Fundamental Social and Behavioral Science Knowledge

Ch 6 A Framework to Sustainably Support and Effectively Use Social and Behavioral Science Research in the Weather Enterprise

Ch 7 Summary of Key Findings and Recommendations

Appendix A Examples of Funding for Social and Behavioral Science Activities by NOAA, NSF, DHS1

Appendix B Lessons from SBS Integration into the “Public Health Enterprise”

Appendix C People Who Provided Input to the Committee

Appendix D Committee Biosketches

I've seen no better single resource to putting together their operational plan and strategies in one place than this book. For those who wish to do a very deep dive. A 182-page exercise describing the imposition of stupidity masquerading as intelligence and enlightened thought on an unwitting nation.

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Rintrah would benefit a lot from your open mind and humility.

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This from Logonaut on ZeroHedge:

“More and more people understand that the 'climate emergency' isn't. The scientists themselves are getting frustrated enough to get organized and vocal, as with the recent climate declaration. This is encouraging! This is why you keep putting vocal, articulate pressure on the ruling class; it is not necessary to soak the earth in blood to do that, and backtracking of this kind is a step towards the greater transparency that we need.

Now more and more people need to understand *why* they tell the lie, which is carefully modulated to achieve particular aims of realpolitik:

You are told the lies about the "climate emergency" for three specific reasons. One, people are thought likely otherwise to hoard if they knew the real reason; becoming economically unmanageable. Two, people are thought likely to revolt and riot and squirm around generally if they knew the real reason; becoming politically unmanageable. Three, people are thought to have to be told at least *some* of the truth, otherwise they are going to be unmanageable when they realize that there are fewer and fewer complex hydrocarbons and their derivatives available OR affordable in their everyday lives; ie going generally berzerk.

That is why the decision was made to make a so-called carbon emissions reduction schedule which as a bell curve just happens to mimic the simplistic but broadly accurate bell curve of Hubbert's Peaks; Peaks because Peak Everything, Peak Industrial Society, consists of numerous resource depletion curves in relation to the capacity of producers and consumers to afford or not their extraction from the ground.

That is why the 2020 and 2040 'looks' of the carbon emissions reduction bell curve and the Hubbert's Peak bell curve are identical. They *must* be identical, otherwise the ruse or half-truth fails of its intended effect, minimizing hoarding and civil disorder while preparing 'idealistic excuses' in people's minds for why they can no longer use or afford to use their cars.

Every controversial policy in your lives has to do with these matters in relation to population and consumption. The more people who know about this, the more ridiculous they all look continuing to bluster full speed ahead with the dismantling and the gaslighting. The answer is not violence, it is knowing about the program to mitigate the consequences of the end of industrial society. Those who created the program hope to be able to establish an 'industrial society lite' on the way down.

This is why they want to thin out the cow herds, people. It's too expensive, they want less energy and other resources going to each kg of food. This is why they are pushing bug consumption and plant consumption. I urge you to look carefully into the difficult situation which motivates these policies and not just to laugh at and mock their implementation. I despise some of what is going on, especially the depopulation program, but not those policies. Those policies are about people not starving; the people that remain.

Let's shine some light on the subject, so that none of these programs can go forward without more and more light and confirmation. Every supposed Green policy will be found to have some direct or indirect connection to what one has told you. Don't fall for the distractions, the window of opportunity could be CLOSING for communications of this kind.

Get the real truth out there about why they are desperately depending on lies like the supposed climate emergency NOW, not later, putting aside all petty politics and attempts to distract people with fearsome, fiery wars. The real war is against all this transition and deindustrialization being done in darkness. I urge that this all be brought in the light, with everyone then acting with restraint and compassion. I admit that this may spiral out of control, but the architects of the program know that it may do that anyhow! So let's have more light, all of us, rulers and ruled.”

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Will a world wide depression stop global warming? No, because there is no global warming. Just natural climate cycles. The real problem is that the elites screwed up badly and there are too many people around who might want to punish them for their malfeasance and criminal acts hence the need for depopulation.

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Tonga volcano eruption (1-15-2023)blasted enough water vapor into the stratosphere to fill 58k olympic swimming pools according to NASA. Water vapor traps heat and explains hottest summer ever. CO2 provides plant growth and eliminating that and hydrocarbons for fertilizer will cause massive starvation aka population decrease. That is the goal of the WEF.

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This summer was never the hottest summer on record, reciting that it was, falls into the trap of believing what the MSM tells you. Watch Tony Heller on YT.

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Sep 16, 2023·edited Sep 16, 2023

It's not enough for the global policymakers to engineer a crash. Those only last a few years. If they believe economies recover from crashes, a longer term solution is needed. Aha. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) combined with Digital IDs (plus the surveillance data being gathered on every citizen). That should do the trick.

First, wait until people are really suffering; unable to pay their bills, feed their families, find work with decent pay, and so on. Then, when all seems lost, the government swoops down and saves the day with Universal Basic Income (UBI). Just enough extra dollars to work yourself out of debt, feed the kids, and pay the mortgage. But not enough to return fully to that comfortable lifestyle.

But wait. There's a catch. Your UBI benefits are only paid in CBDC, and those benefits are accessible only if you agree to sign up for a digital ID and open an account at the central bank.

By the way, from now on everyone must pay their income taxes using CBDC.

Wham-o! Now you're trapped. If you misbehave in some way, your ability to buy certain foods, or travel, or go out to eat, or do any other kind of activity involving money, is subject to immediate cancellation if you haven't been a good boy or girl. Bye bye USA, hello China.

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Coldest summer I have seen in western south dakota

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WOW! We here in Southern Cali have had a cool summer. I am NOT ready for Fall!

Methinks that THE EVIL THEY are NOT trying to save Planet Earth. Instead, THEY are

doing their utmost to MURDER us! We must all be watchful to see how THEY are

targeting US! Rumor is that the 5G in the jabbed victims and those 5G towers are

bio-weapons! Can they be super charged with radiation killing victims instantly?

HORRORS! One researcher Karen Kingston is reporting about THIS. Another rumor

is that on October 4 there is supposed to be a wide spread "test of phones." ???

This date is in the middle of Yahweh's harvest Feast of Tabernacles. (Succoth.)

It might be wise NOT to use a smart one on that day. I have (and will only have) a

land line. I also post publicly and freely on MeWe.


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I only skimmed this article. The following two statements are mostly just my opinions:

1. The question is not "Is man-caused climate change real?" The question we should ask are ones like: "Who profits from advocating this point of view? How is political power being reallocated? Who is profitting, or stands to profit, from these policies?"

2. I saw no meniton of one consequence of a severe economic downturn: Increased public unrest. In extreme cases, leading to chaos, disorder, radicalization and worse.

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I love scepticism in climate change, the first graph used in this article is flawed, it ignores the temperature data from all the years prior to 1970. To do that is subverted science in my book. Tony Heller explains.


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Be a skeptic, have an open mind; there is no substantive data at present that CO2 is correlated with temperature records, and the whole notion of mean surface temperatures at localized places all over a globe (with polar caps and an eccentric, precessing orbital path around its heat source) is absurd. Something melted the glaciers 20000 yrs ago, and it wasn't the internal combustion engine. It's really not complicated regarding the broader picture. It would be helpful if most so called "climate scientists" knew anything about thermodynamics .

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It’s all about our carbon 🦶👣…

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Notice how they never mention the Hunga-Tonga volcanic eruption that MANY scientists believe is behind the 2023 air and water temp rises this year? 1600 scientists just released a rebuttal of the UN's "science" on this. Yes, the WEF would do this but I don't think for a minute they believe global warming is real. They want depopulation and power, and they see it as a long con to get it.

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The ideas of depopulation appeared before climate change was a thing - but climate change gave them a new reason for existence

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