I stupidly took six shots all at the same time in order to take a job as chief financial officer of a state hospital some 8 years ago, because I couldn't be bothered to try and track down ancient immunization history and I thought nothing of it, believing the old lie of "safe and effective". And I promptly (within 24 hours) lost my short term memory and began experiencing intense bouts of brain fog that would have me so confused that I'd sit in my office with the door shut and stare at the wall like a zombie, so confused that I had no idea what to do. Thank God I was an executive and had the luxury of being an overseer and not a hands-on doer of tasks, and Thank God nobody at that place knew me from jack ...or else they'd surely realize that someone who used to have a photographic memory like I always had wouldn't suddenly forget names, faces, appointments and practically everything else. I could laugh and joke about my "terrible memory"....and since nobody knew me, they just accepted it. I would be introduced to the same person seven or eight times over the course of a month and each time I didn't even remember ever having SEEN the person before. I didn't let on, though. My daughter and I were kicked out of the dental practice that I had been going to since I was 14....her orthodontist threated to "fire us".....we were cancelled by the optomotrist....all because I could not remember appointments even with the reminders written down and put into my phone. It was a shitShow. My family knew something was horribly wrong, and we were a ble to identify the cause. The detoxing was so intense that I would spend hours every day in the bathtub doing organic green coffee enemas.....every chemical substance that we used in the house was swapped out for organics; no more chemically-treated mattress, bamboo sheets, only organic cotton clothes, all laundry and personal care products hit the trash and it was nothing but coconut oil, baking soda and white vinegar.....with a slow juicer, I poured gallons of high-test organic juice down my throat all day long....the focus was incredible. It worked. The brain fog receded, and slowly bits and pieces of my memory came back. After about 8 months, I had gotten back 70 per cent of myself.....and not only that, but a whole new me. Damn good thing for my family's support, because I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that if I was heading for incarceration in a nursing home with full blown dementia before the year was out if I hadn't done all these things.

- Vaccine damage is real, and it can be absolutely catastrophic. Just imagine how litle children going through this can not express it verbally! As far as this "new" toxic concoction goes, cognitive destruction is not surprising at all.

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It's not just the covid shots, Igor. I believe we're seeing the results of decades of school indoctrination coupled with every increasing childhood shots causing different manifestations on the autism and cognition spectrum. Covid jabs just made it worse.

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As a nurse, I agree. I'm uncertain how much of the cognitive impairment is related to the shot or the psychological dystopia regarding the world on the internet, overstimulation, and the entire mind control aspect of COVID-19. I continue to witness some things I can not explain. I'm very concerned. It felt like LSD or some mind altering drug was being pumped through the air during the "pandemic". People lost their ability to think. Anxiety is almost always on my patient's charts as a diagnosis anymore, as if that's normal. Portions of our population can't handle the discussion of "what just happened". And nurses spend large portions of the day communicating how someone they loved was just diagnosed with a new, disabling illness. More docs now (esp cardiologists) are open to entertaining the cause is the shot. I understand the fear because before COVID, there was a general understanding that people in medicine were trying to help each other in this crazy world. That opinion has drastically shifted. Perhaps it's this cognitive shift in realizing that a group of individuals in control with vast sums of wealth want to hurt us, and no public official has the balls to stand up to tyranny, that is creating a psychological disturbance. Thank-you for your honest assessment and thoughts on this situation. It's helpful to know not everyone's cognitive ability has been impaired.

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Igor I really appreciate you opening up the discussion to people who agree or disagree. Free speech is our only chance out of this malaise. But some of us like myself knew the day covid was announced that it was a bait for a trap, the plan being to deliver a depopulation vaccine, which almost everybody fell for. They used the media to create hysteria and to demonize anyone who disputed anything they were peddling. You probably cannot comprehend the level of deception involved. But those of you who are still deciding where Santa gets his costumes from, some of us realized there is no Santa the day Santa was spoken by the lying media. When you have a friend and they lie say 50% of the time, do you believe ANYTHING they say? Because I take anything I hear from liars with a grain of salt or I just completely ignore them and go listen to the people who knew and who know what covid is all about.

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People are doing heroin openly sitting at McDonalds in LA. People crap openly on sidewalks in SF. Baltimore and Chicago are war zones. Harari openly states Jesus is fake news and people are hackable animals. Klaus openly states the pandemic created great opportunities for a reset. CNN openly states they’ll switch to climate mania after pandemic mania runs its course. Cocaine is found in the White House and Biden laughs. Seattle and Portland are a sad testament to progressive politics. Hollywood can’t figure out why non-woke Top Gun is the highest grossing movie. In 2012 Actress Sean Young arrested at Oscars after party for, wait for it…slapping a security guard. Now? Will Smith gets an Oscar. (You can’t make this shit up). InBev executives thought teen influencer Dylan Mulvany was a good ambassador for their alcoholic beverages. Harvard is incensed when ordered to stop admissions discrimination. Larry Fink openly says he needs to rebrand (not get rid of) ESGs. There’s much, much more but do I need to go on? Human beings have clearly completely lost their damn minds.

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I have no doubt this is happening at a far greater rate than before the vaccines. I really like this sentence from A Midwestern Doctor's excellent article:

"Unfortunately, since there are political repercussions for dissenting from the dominant narrative, data which threatens tends not to be published."

Anything that might threaten the authorized narrative is NOT studied or investigated. If these outcomes WERE sincerely investigated, researchers might have to "confirm" these hypotheses. Solution? Just don't investigate. (This works every time).

Thanks for highlighting this particular "adverse event," which is not getting enough attention.

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Like Dr Aseem Malhotra says , “ we are in a pandemic where misinformed doctors are misinforming their patients “

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My 28yr old niece complained of memory issues a few months ago and was consulting her physician. She wants to get imaging done but I’m not sure what the outcome was. I suggested her continued injections may be playing a role in her memory issues but she stoutly rejected my opinion. She’s an adult but I wish she’d get her head out of her ass.

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In short, the jab will render you tarded before the kill. --Igor Chudov

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I believe that the vaxxajabs are harmful. All legislation limiting liability should be repealed and all vax makers should be prosecuted criminally. Their execs should be sued until bankrupt. A great evil has been perpetrated.

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Yes, indeed, this is happening. A few have expressed brain fog, can't recall words, etc. After 2 doses, ex f-i-l was asking me same question he'd asked less than 5 mins ago. This continued for duration of my visit. In addition, his arthritic knees were much worse and he is almost housebound. I suggested he didn't have anymore and to give flu shot a miss too. Well meaning family thought better and he got full top ups. Last time I saw him he had declined further and it won't be long before he's in a home or dead. Another octogenarian neighbour was fit, walked and swam, very chatty, now has stick, shuffles and doesn't engage in conversation with me. So sad.

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Besides damage caused by bogus vaccines, other reasons for cognitive impairment could include:

1) Excessive consumption of

a) carbs

b) seed oils

c) highly processed foods, especially plant-based

2) Insufficient consumption of

a) meat

b) animal fat

3) Leftist domination of

a) education

b) media

c) executive leadership of corporations

4) Overuse of

a) statins

b) alcohol

c) THC

d) sunscreen?

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Yes. Worth studying. Probably a whole lot of there, there. But, for a comprehensive study that examines all of the factors that would result in a society-wide cognitive impairment we simply cannot ignore the impact of masks. While it has been discussed on this Stack that they aren't effective, and issues of their safety regarding the microbiological hazard that wearing a petri dish strapped across the nose and mouth has been given voice, there's other safety concerns, physical and mental, that play a very big role in cognition.

Reduced oxygen flow, high CO2 intake. Masks do both. And while neither is necessarily fatal within certain parameters, that doesn't mean other harms aren't occurring. One of the measurable, noticeable physical features of sustained low-oxygen, high CO2 environments is brain size shrinkage. Scientific studies have long revealed this response. Impacting cognition. Asphyxiation results in psychological disorientation, euphoria, impaired thinking. Experienced at high altitudes. In closed garages with exhaust fumes building up. Permanent damage to the brain occurs. Even if not near lethal levels but under prolonged periods of deprivation, reduced oxygen, higher CO2. Brains shrink.

And psychologically, the act of placing a mask of submission on one's face has real, profound effects on thinking processes. Accepting one's inferiority to a master. Be it a BDSM dom over a sub. A slave hunter/trader's over a slave. Or a government/business authority over citizens/employees & customers. Submit. The act of submission is a psychologically profound act, that can reorient how one views themself in a community, in the world. No longer fully responsible for themselves, their actions. The responsibilities that comes with freedom lose importance. Lose focus. Submitting to a slave mask is dehumanizing, robs one of their autonomy, sovereignty. And scars the mind of the newly enslaved mind. Reoriented to accepting they are inferior, submissive to the will of their dom's, slave owner's, government/business authorities. Impaired thinking, risk taking. A degree of obliviousness to things that normally keen minds pay attention to.

Any study that solely focuses on the effect of an injection will be flawed without isolating for causality. Those factors I describe must be factored in, or filtered by the masking practices of the subjects being studied. Without that isolation for causality the results of a study will be garbage, coincidental, not causal.

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This is bewildering for everyone, but we must get past the idea that this is biological, it is not. What is in the vaccines has zero to do with this thing called Covid, humanity has very busy lives, most do not have time to spend with family and friends, we as a nation are not use to be lied to, to be used and abused as of late this has been the case.

There are those of us who do lots of reading, research and working through all things that do matter to society , we have the time. I have known for many important reasons that things are not as they seem, I never trust the government agencies, the CDC or FDA, Mayo Clinics for example, just reading through their websites on simple things like sun tan lotions can be super crazy for anyone who can't understand the double talk.

No, my interest went back to the polio vaccines in the 1950s, where oops we made a mistake in millions of doses and put in SV40, called Cancer. And it was many years later they admitted this, quietly of course.

Vaccines were not used much back then, people only took them out of fear, which of course is what's been their MO for about 50 years. Since 1986 Reagan signed the Vaccine Act...giving away all responsibility of injuries from vaccines, a green light for dangerous ingredients in vaccines and peer review on treatments became a joke.

You may have noticed that children and all adults in the world have never been more ill, the medical industry has grown to be the biggest business on the planet.

Propaganda has become the doctor for most Americans, they believe Anything in headline news, they were brought up to trust the news, trust the science, never question the things you experience yourselves, your doctor knows what is best for you.

Nothing I could say, or you could do, would change a person's mind once the propaganda has taken hold. It's actually very scary how humanity has become so trusting, so naive, and so darned dumbed down about what is going on in our world.

A child today gets over 60 vaccines, what the heck is wrong with people to allow such a situation, the elderly are on average taking up to 20 or more medications, this is pure insanity. The medical world is your biggest enemy and you are not aware they are killing you, people have forgotten how to think, how to care for themselves, unless you break a bone or get run over there is zero reason to see a doctor.

For minor health care a Naturopathic or Homeopathic doctors can fix just about anything, now if you need brain surgery or a new kidney sure specialist are a good choice..but for most things the best way is the natural way.

There are no viruses, none, period. Vaccines do not prevent anything, there is no polio, HIV, Covid etc...whatever is making some people ill can usually be traced back to what the heath organizations created in a lab, in a culture or petri dish mixed up with all kinds of materials that have no business in the human body.

If you need to read the Patents, then it will help you to understand what is going on in medicine, Dr David Martin a expert on Patents can help shed some light, because that's how this get started and approved, these vaccines.

I can name a few thousand doctors and scientists who have done the hard work, your being lied to, its that simple. For over 100 years the medical field has been taken over, the media has been taken over, medical school are taken over, all owned by big pharmaceutical companies.

And on top of that the food industry has been taken over, right now the FDA approved the covid vaccines may be put in you fruits and vegetables, they do not need to be labeled, they are in your grocery stores now and in restaurants. Now tell me that is not concerning. Meat has also been approved to contain all sorts of manmade ingredients, perhaps some graphine oxide, and even SV40.. I would suggest you start researching and becoming a educated consumer if you expect to live through what's coming because this is just the beginning of what they plan for you, your children and this planet.

Terry Moore

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My anecdotes:

- Within a few weeks from receiving their first jabs in April 2021, about 40% of my jabbed co-workers (PhDs in space physics and software engineers) developed visible cognitive impairment. Changed my job in a jiffy.

- In the last few weeks we were half a second away from being T-boned by a car that completely ignored a red light, did not slow down, did not swerve. It was well into my green, and I did not do a rabbit start. It was about 3 seconds into his/her red.

- My jabbed, formerly sharp-as-a-tack boss who has been with the company for a decade hired an intern, and 3 weeks later, she forgot what was the scope of the intern's project, that we discussed several times. This is also a recent happening.

The first one, in April 2021, was definitely for real. For the two more recent anecdotes, it is very hard to figure out whether I am dealing with my own cognitive bias, finding patterns where there are none, or these are part of a wider phenomenon.

Also, dead birds. I have seen a couple of dead birds yesterday. In 2020 there were reports of tons of dead birds a couple hours south of here. Real pattern, or random noise? No idea.

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Don't forget that statins cause brain damage.

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