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Listen to Dr. Mike Yeadon among others. He was open minded enough to dive into this rabbit hole and honest enough to recognize and speak about the underlying problems with standard viral theories.

So while yes, viruses as currently described in standard texts do nicely explain our lived experiences, there is still an underlying flaw, a pretty big one, in viral science.

It is possible that they are a bit different than we think, and that they can be transmitted or "triggered" by other mechanisms than direct contact, and that our cells, under certain circumstances, can actually produce what we call "viruses" themselves.

I think we need to consider Rupert Sheldrake, Nikola Tesla, and Wilhelm Reich in all our studies of Biology.

We perhaps don't understand everything in Nature as well as we assume we do!

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Researching, I did find some very interesting things. First of all, viruses do exists, however, after my research, I think we have what they are, very wrong.

Without sending all the evidence, my current theory is that viruses are part of mammalian immune response to environmental stresses (including bateria).

If you are interested in some evidence on this (feel free to ignore this whole post):

- Whenever we try to trace where a cold virus comes from, we find very large areas come up all at once (environment stress cosmic rays, plus low vit D that might be protective as possible cause?).

- Fetus are found to have a lot of viruses in them, and when sterilized in animals experiments, the baby doesn't survive (used as a defense to protect against bacteria and other environmental things?).

- 6% of human DNA is "virus DNA" (could it not be there for a reason? Maybe as part of our immune response)

- In labs, we have only seen viruses attack bacteria under the microscope, never healthy tissue (an anti bacterial virus would be a very good defense mechanism in humans and mammals)

- To "culture" viruses requires animal tissues that are "stressed" in certain ways.

Just to be clear, I am not interested in debating or anything, and still exploring this topic for fun. But so far, this is interesting.

The whole immune memory of which viruses were used for which stressors and for the body to remember which worked and didn't (on different levels) would also be a good thing for the body to do.

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D'ye know what, I have been reading, watching, listening and thinking about this stuff every day for two and a half years - and with all the knowledge that I have amassed and fills my headspace I have come to a decision:

I don't know if 'viruses' exist or not - and for now it's not the most important thing - That is stopping the insane vaccines, especially for children and the young, and telling the world the truth about what has been done to them.

I have read much on both sides and respect proponents equally. It could be that we still don't know enough or it's down to semantics. Who knows. What IS important is the battle in hand as the globalists seek to impose their total control over us. Anything else will have to wait for another day.

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Let's say hypothetically that viruses don't exist. Therefore, what?

Does it force us to change our tactics? Does it change the nature of the enemy in some fundamental way? Are the people who want to rule the world still trying to kill us?

We'll know for sure if there is a virus or not when we start indicting the people who did this to us. Someone in the know will flip in exchange for immunity.

Until that day arrives, See No Virus™ remains a red herring.

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Am I allowed to be smug now? To say truly "I told you so"? Because the

'no virus' debate was a psyop derail from the start, meant to tie people in knots off on the railroad spur of thought.

It's like arguing about angels, heads of pins, and what dance step they prefer. And keeps us from discussing the meat of the matter in a serious and organized way.

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I put a lot of work into compassionately and clearly providing the counterpoints to these arguments after I noticed they kept on spamming my page and derailing discussions. It worked and it took two articles with that approach to end the discussion without any hard feelings on either side so we could focus on where we had common ground. I also felt these topics were worth exploring because they touched upon a lot of key epistemological issues I see all the time, so I used them to open up that discussion.

Those two articles can be found here:



I always suspected this was a psy-op but I never had proof so I am very thankful you put this together!

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Hmmm. I’m pretty sure Terrain theory predates SubStack.

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The notion that viruses (and other "germs") don't exist is just so patently absurd that I've dismissed it out-of-hand, right along with flat-earth nonsense.

Now is a healthy body & immune system less susceptible to disease caused by germs? Yes, I'm sure it is. So the "terrain" should not be ignored, but the fact that terrain preparation is useful doesn't mean that the germs or viruses don't exist or don't cause disease.

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As I've said here and on other boards,

infiltrating message boards with users talking about bizzare things is a long-established tactic that was used during a previous biolab disaster, Morgellons. At that time the fake users were talking about aliens, trying to derail the conversation and distract users from finding the origin, causes and cures for the disease. Polluting the biotech / medical science discussions with something bizarre also serves to erase the credibility of the real people discussing the issue. There are $$$ people with things to hide and a bottomless intent to deceive.

They actually tried the Aliens topic a couple times during Covid, didn't really distract international discussion. Then there was the snake venom thing.

Examples of my comments.



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Rabies. Terrain theory does not exclude the idea of viruses or germs. The psy op folks want to demonize terrain theory because healthy people don’t buy drugs.

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It’s very important to create division , then we can’t gang up on the evildoers as easily.

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As I read some of the comments, I recognize the “virus brainwashing” is still deep that even questioning the theory triggers such vile reaction. It’s similar to telling a devout religious person that his or her God does not exist or is not what they think it is.

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It's not harmless, as it makes sane and sensible people asking real questions about the virus and vaccines look like a bunch of fucking loons, who don't even believe in viruses.

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I am more disturbed by the image of the baby in the mask with the eye holes cut out.

Please tell me that was a joke and the infant had that mask on for a millisecond only for the photo. Or tell me that's a doll.

Please, for the love of God.

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OMG, another Virus Pusher digging in to an untenable position. Good luck with that!

Pro tip: May need a bigger shovel.

Hey, if you believe that viruses exist, would you be interested in a couple cases of Unicorn Repellent? I can get you a wholesale price.

Or maybe you'd be interested in my new book: "The Migratory Routes of the Western Jackalope"?

I personally THANK GOD for Dr Andrew Kaufman, because he's the guy who basically convinced me, using very simple logic. And then I found Dr. Tom Cowan. And Dr. Amandha Dawn Vollmer. Then Tom Barnett.

Then I discovered people like Jon Rappoport, Dr Kevin Corbett, Dr. Stefan Lanka, David Crowe, and Eleni Papadopoulos-Eleopoulos/The Perth Group had figured out The Great Virus Swindle 30 years ago!!!

Not enough people would listen back then.

But plenty of people are listening now!

According to Steve Kirsch's own poll, 31% (1 in 3) of HIS OWN AUDIENCE don't believe his BS about viruses! That is a HUGE PERCENTAGE!!! In 2019, it would have been 0.01% (1 in 10,000) or less.

So for some reason, the Perth Group, et. al., could never get the momentum going back then. The truth has been known that long!

But they are listening now. And so many great people have joined the fight: Eric Francis Coppolino (Planet Waves-- possibly the world's greatest authority on the PCR "test"), Christine Massey, MSc and her FOI responses from 200 institutions in 40 nations, NONE OF WHICH can find any evidence that this alleged "virus" has ever existed, anywhere on the planet, outside of an in-silico, computer model.

Then add Mike Stone (viroLIEgy), Dawn Lester and David Parker ("What really makes us Ill?"), Kate Sugak (filmmaker), Mike Wallach (filmmaker), the amazing Steve Falconer (Spacebusters), Alec Danny Zeck, ...

OMG! How could I forget Drs. Mark and Sam Bailey, from New Zealand!? A powerhouse. These dynamic duo produce some of the highest quality work available. Sam's videos are funny, and engaging, and most of all, smart. And Mark is there behind the scenes doing a lot of the deep dives into the scientific literature.

...Each and every one of these beautiful people brings something new and unique to the table.

There is an EXPLOSION OF DOUBT happening now, a "Paradigm Shift" exactly defined by Kuhn.

We have a sh1t ton of anomalous data now, portending a massive and rare earth-shattering 7.0-scale paradigm shift, and that is from exposing a 150 year old swindle, which has grown to dominate our lives, own our governments.

This swindle is fixin' to be dismantled.

You Virus Pushers are on a Sinking Ship.

I would suggest that you start looking for an ESCAPE ROUTE,

e.g., a Life-Boat, or at least a Personal Flotation Device.

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What a ridiculous post Igor. I thought you were better (or at minimum smarter) than this. You found some irrelevant sub stack that none of the most main no-virus voices are even aware of so this MEANS it is a psyop? Please explain away the obvious no sequitur logical fallacy here.

I cant help but think the evidence of a psyop being one person that alleges it is is a psyop is akin to the evidence of particles unable to be found in a human host is different dying culture with stuff added to make the culture die.

Why dont you actually converse with some of the no virus team. There is only 20 or so of them with a profile.

Lets also get straight. They are REFUTING A THEORY based on insufficient evidence. NOT providing a new theory. And guess what.... we all got chickenpox, as im sure you are aware, is not quite up to scientific scratch to show viruses exist.

Their evidence for refutation is clear and simple. Maybe tackle that instead of simply appealing to your base that will all ignore the glaring logic omissions you have made simply to tell themselves they are still on the right side.

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