Sitemap - 2021 - Igor’s Newsletter

The Fog of Omicron

95.58% of Omicron in Germany are Vaccinated

Israel Giving up on Vaccination

UK: Vaccine effectiveness ZERO for hospitalization

Severe Omicron Vindicates Antivax Thought

Is Omicron a More Contagious SARS?

33 out of 34 hospitalized Omicron Patients in Delhi are FULLY VAXXED

Denmark: Vaccine a DANGER to the vaxxed

UK Data: Booster efficacy evaporates every week

Ridiculous article squarely points to vaccine deaths

South Africa: Omicron about as severe as Delta

UK: Being Vaccinated DOUBLES the Risk of Getting Omicron

Omicron as a Bioweapon: Thoughts and Implications

Denmark: No-vax is PROTECTIVE; Vax INVITES Omicron

Disruption from Omicron Quarantines

Number of Unvaxxed in USA is Grossly Understated

Six years ago, Sharyl Atkisson hit the nail on the head

Open Source Omicron Pandemic Model for YOUR COUNTRY

New Large Study: Ivermectin cuts deaths in Half

Boris Johnson's Biggest Blunder

Omicron variant "prefers" the vaxxed in Denmark

Mortality during explosive epidemic

More BAD News on Omicron

Omicron May be as Contagious as Chickenpox or Measles

Omicron may have 2.5-3.2% fatality rate

Post Pandemic Stress Disorder Covers up Vaccine Injuries

URGENT -- Omicron "variant" likely to be man-made

Lancet Letter Demolishes Vaccination

Booster period halves again

Media's false fearmongering about Michigan

Vaccine destroying AND preventing natural COVID immunity

Vaccine gives kids Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

Is Santa Clara County, CA breakthrough data fake?

UK Week 42-45: do the vaxxed acquire "natural immunity"?

Infinitely frequent boosters by next July?

Terrified Vaccinated People

Albuquerque hospitals at 140% capacity

UK: death protection downward slide accelerates

Hospitals full of vaccinated patients

UK vaccines weekly INeffectiveness report

The Reason for the OSHA Mandate...

Time for our "Normandy Beach" moment

Disturbing antivax numbers from the CDC!

UK Data shows the Vaxxed are Superspreaders

COVID Tyranny Insurgency Manual

Is There an Error in CDC MMWR study?

UK Vaccine Hell predictably worsens in one week.

VAERS Data is NOT fake and NOT made up!

UK's Vaccine Hell gets worse every week

38 out of 171 Moderna Booster recipients developed COVID19

Case rate of vaccinated after 6 months higher than average American case rate?

The Curious case of Connecticut and Massachusetts

Does Moderna have a future?

Independent thoughts