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Happy New Year - Make Your PREDICTION for 2023

The XBB.1.5 Variant Is The Next Big COVID Thing

MSNBC Host Shocked And Appalled Because Her Own Kids Refuse COVID Boosters

Funny: U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked (1989 article)

Booster-Caused IgG4 Immune Tolerance Explains Excess Mortality and "Chronic Covid"

A Christmas Present from Elon Musk!

Merry Christmas! Santa is The First Conspiracy (of the nice kind) Kids Encounter

Covid Boosters are Killing Germans - and People of the World - Equally

Study Confirms that Molnupiravir Creates COVID "Variant Soup". How could the FDA Approve It?

Daughter of Hugh Auchincloss, who Replaces Tony Fauci, Gets Paid by Big Pharma

China Censors Do Not Know What to Do. But NY Times Censors Know What to Do

Is Depopulation we are Seeing, Planned or Incidental? December Births and Deaths Update

Australia's Former AMA President Defects, Exposes COVID Vaccines

German-Chinese Lab in Wuhan at the Epicenter of the Sars-Cov-2 Outbreak

DEBATE: Is Elon Musk Out of His Mind?

The "Tripledemic of 2022" is Already Ending. Pfizer is Using it to Push its New RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women

COVID Vaccines Do Not Prevent Hospitalizations in the UK

Santa Clara County's Fake COVID Statistics

Professor Norman Fenton Fact-Checks Igor's Vaccine/Mortality Analysis... And Makes AMAZING Discoveries!

The Unvaccinated Had More Car Crashes... Because they Were the Ones Driving!

DeSantis Empanels GRAND JURY To Investigate Pfizer and Moderna

Kids and Young People Targeted by Bill Gates' Exercise, "Catastrophic Contagion"

Elon Musk's New Pronouns: Prosecute/Fauci

Did Molnupiravir Create the Recent "COVID Variant Soup"?

Sam Brinton is NOT the Worst Federal Official - Who Is?

The WEF Wants Your House to Be Worth ZERO, to Achieve "Net Zero" Carbon

FDA Approves Bivalent Vaccine for Babies in TWO DAYS

Even Fact-Checkers Acknowledge "Covid-Related Blood Clots"

CDC FAKES High Flu Numbers in the US to Scare Us into Taking Useless Flu Vaccines

Matt Shelton, a Covid Hero of New Zealand

China Ends Lockdowns, Says "Covid is Mild". Is It?

Does "Long Covid" Actually Exist? Does the Flu Bring MORE Long Term Consequences?

CDC Lied about Vaccine Myocarditis Being Mild: 20% of Sudden Deaths Caused by Myocarditis

China Lifts Lockdowns, Shows that Protests Work

EU: WEF Graduate Thierry Breton Threatens to BAN Twitter from Europe

Western University Drops ALL Vaccine Mandates

Creepy "Blue Whale" Suicide Symbol is Openly Glorified In Canada

Apple Threatens to Deplatform Twitter, as I Predicted 3 days ago

Will Twitter be Deplatformed by Apple and Google?

Twitter Amnesty -- Good Thanksgiving News

Excess Mortality is Worse than It Seems

Should Individualism be Medicated Away to be Replaced by "Welfarism?"

I Enabled Paid Option on my Substack


Is RSV More Severe in Covid Vaccinated Kids Due To Destroyed Hematopoietic Stem Cells?

A Guide to my Excess Mortality vs. Vaccination Rate Articles

Demand for Unvaccinated Blood is Real, Doctors Acknowledge Grumpily

Guesstimating Relative Risk of Mortality by Vaccination Status

Influenza Vaccine is Perfect Example of MEDICAL QUACKERY at the FDA and the CDC

WEF: Eco-anxiety a Driver of the Mental Health Pandemic

Please submit your PANDEMIC TESTIMONY

Association Between Vaccines and EXCESS MORTALITY Getting Stronger -- and is Discussed in UK Parliament

"VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST" was a Psyop - and a Nice Try!

Pfizer, Democrat-led "Accountable Tech" are Blackmailing Twitter

Finland REFUSES to Recommend Bivalent Boosters for Working-Age People

The Atlantic is Asking for "Pandemic Amnesty" and Forgiveness

Vaccine-like "Inoculation" of Minds with "Weakened Forms of Misinformation"

WEF: "Climate Reparations" on Top of the Agenda

Moderna DOUBLES the Chance of Infant Death, Compared to Pfizer

Fired Unvaccinated New York City Workers REINSTATED -- with BACK PAY

Pfizer will Charge Two Billion Dollars per Pound of Covid mRNA Nanoparticles

Antivax Political Candidates are Winning! Give $10 Tonight

Cancer Rates are Increasing -- and May Get Much Worse

CDC Data: Moderna Causes 42% MORE Miscarriages Compared to Pfizer

Covid Vaxx to be Added to Childhood Vaccination Schedule

I Do Not Spread Conspiracy Theories - I Report on Actual News

Is UK's Depopulation Caused by Covid Vaccines?

How to Defeat California's AB2098 -- A Modest Proposal

FDA Just Approved Kids Covid Booster -- with ZERO Testing!

Florida recommends AGAINST mRNA Vaccines for Males Ages 0-40!

Will UK's Birth Rate Decline Bring "Hyper-Liberal Future", or Extinction?

Were Election Deniers and Conspiracy Theorists Just Vindicated?

121 Breastfed Infants Had "Issues" After Maternal Vaccination in Just ONE study!

Only 1 out of 573 People Took "Bivalent Boosters" -- In a State Without Vaccine Mandates

Vaccinated Mother's Dying Newborn with "White Lungs"

Bill Gates-Funded Scientists Found NO mRNA in Breast Milk a Year Ago

JAMA: mRNA Vaccine Shedding in Breast Milk Proven!

DEBATE: Did Our Health Authorities Actually Take COVID shots?

Pfizer's Bourla has Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS)

Only 1.3% of Americans Got Bivalent Boosters

Canadian Woman Died 7 Minutes After Bivalent Booster. Death Ruled "Natural Cause"

WEF Uses CODED LANGUAGE to Communicate Unthinkable Plans

POLITICO: How Bill Gates Took Over the Covid Pandemic

Denmark: No More COVID Vaccines Offered for Under-50

CDC's Own Study Reanalyzed: MIS-C is MORE Likely After Vaccination, not Less

Yes, Covid Vaccines UNSET and ERASE Natural Immunity

You, Me and other Anti-Vaxxers are Good People

UK BANS Covid Vaccines for ALL kids under 12

DEBATE: Viruses do not exist? Or do they?

UK: Births in England Collapsed and are NOT Coming Back Up

All "Bivalent Boosted" Mice Got Covid When Challenged

WEF's AI to Decide What Industries to Liquidate to "Stop Economic Growth"

Bivalent Booster's "8-Mice Trial" Actually FAILED

FDA Charlatans Engage in Medical Quackery

PROVEN RELATIONSHIP: COVID Boosters and Excess Mortality in 2022

Excess Mortality and Elevated Cancer Rates Likely to Get Worse

Covid Charlatans Blame Trump as Vaccine Narrative Collapses

"Craziest Covid Charlatan" Contest

Google and Facebook Owe Compensation to COVID Vaccine Victims

Chief Covid Charlatan Dr. Fauci Resigns!

Covid Vaccine Quacks and Charlatans Promoting "Ba.5 Booster"

Human Embryos WITHOUT HEADS to be Grown in Mechanical Wombs

Another Ivermectin Study Shows Benefit

White House "Climate Adviser" Banned from the National Academy of Science for Science Fraud

Covid Vaccines DO Cause Reinfections, After All

NYC to Close "Toddler COVID Vaccine Sites" -- due to NO DEMAND

Karl Lauterbach is EVIL and NOT Just Stupid

WEF's "Global Intelligence Collecting AI" to Erase Ideas from the Internet

COVID Vaccine Test Animals Were All Killed Shortly After Vaccination

Are "Monkeypox Vaccines" Safe and Effective?

Good Fertility News for Vaccinated People

Joe Biden's Paxlovid Rebound Caused by "Immune Tolerance"

California's Birth Rate Declined 6.4% in June

Lie Exposed: BBC Says Covid-19 Came from Wuhan Market

Boosters Now PROMOTE Covid Deaths in Europe

Independent SAGE's Stupid "Seven-Point" Covid Plan

"COVID Vaccine Technology" will Make Varroa Mites Infertile

New Data from Germany: Births and Even Abortions are Down!

Censorship's New Purpose: Avoiding Responsibility

Passengers Evacuated due to Covid Outbreak on All-Vaccinated Cruise

Taiwan: Birth Rate Dropped -27.66% in June 2022!!!

Lab-Designed GMO "Carbon Capture Plants" to Replace Pastures

Hungary: Highest Vaccinated Counties Have Worst Birth Rate Drops!

Sweden's Birth Rate Dropping Precipitously Every Month

Pfizer Study Subject C4591001 1162 11621327 ...

Study: Boosted People Slowest to Clear COVID-19

San Francisco is Another Portugal -- Worst Covid Wave Ever

Dr Fauci's Paxlovid Rebound!

NEJM: Global Warming Causes Stillbirths, Birth Defects, Infant Heart problems

Depopulation of Taiwan

Dramatic Decline in Births in Germany

Anti-COVID-Vaccine Persuasion Workshop

Finally Proven: Pfizer Vaccine Causes COVID Reinfections, Disables Natural Immunity!

Vaccine-Induced Tolerance to Spike Protein ...

We exposed Paxlovid as Snake Oil. We Won

Crooks Who Approved "Covid Vaxx" approved Other "Childhood Vaccines" Also

Push to "Vaccinate Infants" is a Clown Show

Developmental Disorders in Babies born to Vaccinated Mothers?

Try not to Laugh at Moderna's "Omicron Vaccine"

The Doomsday Prophecy of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

Ba.5 is a "Variant for Boosted People"

Israeli Data Explains Why Pfizer Excluded Vaccinated People from Paxlovid Trials

'Constant Waves of COVID': New Business Model for Pfizer

Sars-Cov-2 was Lab Made Under Project DEFUSE

Monkeypox "Preparedness Exercise" has Pandemic Start Date as May 15 2022

Is Monkeypox Hype a Paid Media Campaign?

"Vaccine Against Variants" is Impossible and Will Endanger the Naturally Immune

Powerful "Misinformation Substacks" Scare Vaccinators

Democrats Urgently Want to Hold Coverup "Covid Origin Hearings" before November Defeat

Israel: Chronic Covid Persists in Guts and Immune CD8 Cells, like AIDS

Fully Vaccinated Gorilla Dies of Multiple Organ Failure

FDA Dismisses Paxlovid Concerns, Gaslights Recurrence Sufferers

Vaccine Shedding Finally Proven!

Did Pfizer Know that Paxlovid will NOT Work in the Vaccinated?

Denmark Halts COVID Vaccination, in Ominous Sign for the Boosted

Free Speech Threatens the Entire West's Power Structure

Moderna Knew Vaccinated People Will Never Acquire Proper Immunity After Breakthrough Infections

Never mind my previous article


Vaccine Skeptics are the True Critical Thinkers

Paxlovid, "Snake Oil" of the 21st Century?

Health Authorities are the Biggest Obstacle to Solving Covid

AIDS-Like "Chronic Covid" is Taking Over Europe, Australia and NZ

Bill Gates Malaria Vaccine "Only 30% Effective Against Severe Outcomes"

Herd Immunity Was Entirely Possible!

Do not give me money; Help Senator Ron Johnson Instead

Australia: Deadly Hong Kong Covid Variant Taking Over

Pfizer Confidential: 1 infant DEATH vs 1 Successful Birth

Did Ralph Baric of UNC Design Omicron?

UK: Covid Becoming CHRONIC, like AIDS, and Will Take us Down

Was Sars-Cov-2 DESIGNED to Spawn so Many Variants?

Moderna Wants FDA to ILLEGALLY Approve Ineffective Kids Vaccine

Is China's Fear of Covid Justified?

UK: Short-term Reinfections Exploding

"2019 Novel Coronavirus Vaccine" dated July 23 2019?

UK Elderly: Double Vaccination Kills Immunity

UK will HIDE Vaccinated Cases and Deaths

Have You Taken Your HIV Booster Yet?

Florida "Vaccine Hesitancy" REDUCED Infant Mortality in 2021

Sars-Cov-2 Kills T-Cells, Just Like HIV

mRNA "DNA Gene Editing" - no Longer a Conspiracy Theory

How could Chinese Cave Bats pick the NGVEGF motif from Swine Flu Pandemic?

Bad News from Hong Kong

New Ivermectin Study -- Same 70% Reduction in Deaths

UK: Pandemic is Over for the Unvaccinated

Steve Kirsch: Germ Line Mutation Allegations Easy to Test

The Science Behind Mask Mandates

Allegations of Genetic Harm to Newborn Females are Easy to Verify

DNA Transcribed from Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Contains MUTANT gp130 Tumor Gene

Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Transcribes into DNA

UKHSA Week 8: Vaccine failure in UK and USA

Where is CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG in the Moderna Patent

Moderna Patented CANCER GENE is in Sars-Cov-2 "Spike Protein"

How did Moderna's Patented Sequence End up in Sars-Cov-2?

Malaysia Study: Ivermectin helps with "Covid Lungs"

Covid, Vaccine, HIV and VAIDS -- an Explanation

CNN vs Ivermectin

Will UKHSA also Hide Vaccinated and Boosted Deaths?

Scotland will HIDE Vaccinated and Boosted Deaths

BA.2 Variant Loves Lungs and Forms Cellular Clots

My first Substack article was about Moderna

Nobody has a Plan for Covid

Scared Vaccinators are Giving Up

UK: Reinfections Reveal "The Bad Deal of COVID Vaxx"

VA Study PROVES: Covid Vax Causes Myocarditis in Veterans

Odd "Mild Omicron" Story in South Africa

UK and the Boosted Monkey Experiment

UK: Reinfections Show Huge Undercount of COVID Deaths

UKHSA Explains Endless Reinfections of the Vaccinated

A Crime Against Our Youngest Children

CNN: Global Warming Causes "Cold Winters", Inflation

Mexico Study: Medical Kit with Ivermectin Reduced Deaths

UK: Pandemic of the Boosted

More Vaccination -- More Reinfection

BA2 Omicron Variant is Worth Discussing

Does Covid Vax Cause Brain Damage?

UK: Boosters INVITE Covid and Fueled the Pandemic

COVID-19: Puppeteers and Scapegoats

Colleges Demanding Boosters will Kill Students who just had Covid

UK: Covid Vax "Safe" for Pregnancy? No new data since AUGUST

Bob Saget is a Perfect Example why Omicron and Vax Deaths are Hard to Count

Omicron Severity, Absenteeism, Death Lag

My USA Omicron Predictions, so far so Good

Covid knocks: Please share your Covid Experiences

I am Migrating from Twitter to GETTR

Fact Checking Dr Malone "Deaths up 40%" Claim

Ivermectin and a Covid Case in My Family

More People in ICU with "Mild Omicron"?

More on Fake Santa Clara County Breakthrough Statistics